Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Soaps - November Highlights

And here's another one of these soap highlights. Next one, New Year's Eve.

Coronation Street - Aww, even I felt bad seeing poor Jack Duckworth dying in a rather poignant episode and while I was initially sceptical of the use of Vera, I thought it worked brilliantly for his big send. This show has improved in months - the Nick/Leanne/Peter/Carla quadrangle is actually interesting, Charlotte's nuttiness is surprisingly making me feel bad for John and the writers have dialled down the Steve/Becky stuff. Now if Tina could go five minutes without scowling and the Molly/Kevin rubbish could come to an end, this show would be perfect.
EastEnders - Double weddings will not be the only thing that pull Kat and Ronnie together during December but it was certainly nice to see the two of them bond, amidst the chaos of their weddings to Alfie and Jack though. This month has been mixed in some ways - Phil/Shirley stealing Roxy's money was crap, Carol/Connor are crap, Glenda/Ian - just, no but I did like the Msaood's stuff with Yusef and Lauren gunning for Stacey has been more entertaining. Stacey - you think you have problems now - wait until Janine finds out that you've bumped Archie. Then you really will be up the creek without a paddle.

Emmerdale - Hell hath no fury like a Dingle scorned. While Marlon might settle for disowning both Rhona and Paddy, Chastity is less charitable. Toffee in hats and damaging USB keys might be childsplay but planning an elaborate wedding purely to humiliate both Carl and Eve definitely takes the biscuit. Who am I kidding? This plot is actually a lot of fun, more so with Aaron and Charity in on it and so far, better than Debbie's low-key return and Nathan and Natasha's respective exits. In other stuff, not sure how to take both Ella and Mia at the moment, even if it's wise to extend Declan's family but Holly's drug addiction storyline has actually gotten far better at the moment.

Fair City - Domestic violence storylines are ten a penny on soaps but fair play to this show for actually doing one where it's Suzanne who was the aggressor and Damien the victim. Even better is the fact that Suzanne is gettting her comeuppance at the moment and that her only ally is Yvonne of all people (where the fuck is Connie by the way?). Apart from that, the rest of the storylines are more or less a commentary on the recession again and given the 'bloodbath budget' we're getting in Ireland next Tuesday, I'm sure these will only intensify.

Hollyoaks - Okay, the fire was an excellent story. Pleased as I am that Amy survived (get Lee away from Leanne now), I was sad to see Steph go, even if it was obvious that Dom was stupidly responsible for the blaze. I'm not too sure on Warren's return just yet but I'll take him over Brendan, who just doesn't convince as a hardman. Nice to see Ste's storyline continuing and the teenage pregnancy plot with Amber/Finn and gender identity with Jasmine also progressing along nicely. Oh and I was sad to see Malachy die that I even felt bad for Mercedes for once.

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