Friday, March 04, 2011

Don't Blow Up A Cow Man

Okay, it's been a fortnight since the last jumble but here's some of the stuff, I've been watching over the last 14 days.

Glee: It's that kind of an episode. The one where everyone drinks and it's bad, right? Except not really to be honest. Sure there's plenty of commentary on the consequences of excessive drinking and the fact that Brittany's version of Tik Tok resulted in her and Santana vomiting on stage but other than that, this episode isn't as moralising as it could've been - thankfully. Bonus points awarded to the continued friendship between Will and Beiste but the whole possibly bisexuality saga between Kurt/Blaine/Rachel seemed a little tacked on. Hopefully the bisexuality arc with Brittany and Santana is better tackled in the next episode.

Desperate Housewives: Fecking hell, RTE2 - three months since the last episode? Um, I liked this one quite a lot. Bree and Keith have a great banter and it was nice that a returning Orson didn't overall damage that but I'm not sure I like the passive aggressive way in which Lynette is trying to deal with Tom and Renee though. Why not just have it out with them? Susan's kidney problems were also surprisingly effective and while I feel for Juanita, I have to admit that I do have a certain amount of sympathy for Gabby as well. She's not coping with Grace being gone all that well as buying that creepy doll displayed and perhaps Carlos should be a tad more sensitive. Better still was the ruling out of Felicia and Mike as suspects for Paul's shooter and Paul realising who exactly Beth is related to. Is it too much to hope that after a shaky start that Season 7 is finally getting it's shit together?

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl: Note to writers - Belle is not Carrie Bradshaw and this show, while liked will not have the same type of fashionista influence that Sex And The City seemingly has. That aside, I did like the fact Poppy had a realistic reaction to learn about Belle's profession and Steph's too. Unfortunately the subsequent whining and lashing out has been far less entertaining to watch. I get Poppy being furious at her mother but how can she act like a bitch to Belle in one episode and then worship the backside of Charlotte in the next one. As for Ben, he's behaving like a douche I almost wish Belle would go off with fanatical copper Harry. As for the movie stuff, a little metatextual but fun enough though. Only three episodes to go.

The Big C: Another episode of this show and I might like it more. It's definitely good stuff and Cathy's an interesting enough protaganist but I always think it could be a little better. Last week's episode where Cathy was trying to discipline her son as her estranged husband played sport was amusing though. I'll stick with it for a while longer.

Being Human US: Okay, I have to catch up with the seventh episode but the last two that I've watched were actually good if still treading UK show territory. Josh discovered the truth about Ray making him a werewolf, Bishop's plotting a vampire takeover, Danny's been exposed as Sally's killer and despite initial friction, both Josh and Nora are being drawn to each other along with Rebecca continuing her quest to sink her fangs into Aidan. The only differences here were the return of Emily and her being attacked by Marcus and Sally's interactions with a poltergeist. It's not as good as the UK series but it's definitely interesting enough though.

Skins UK: Definitely getting better. I enjoyed both Nick and Alo's episodes and while neither are classics, both of them were extremely entertaining and drew some much needed scope for both characters. Alo's episode however was the strongest because not only did it draw on his own failings (and the death of Bessie the cow), it actually forwarded stuff. Rich and Grace took their relationship to the next level, both Mini and Liv challenged Franky on her sexuality (Matty, do not pit Franky and Liv against one another) and it also had a rather nice scene or two between Mini and Alo. For a girl who's such a bitch, Mini can be surprisingly sensitive and she's becoming my favourite female character of this new set. Can't wait to see what the last two episodes give us but in terms of parents, I hated Nick and Matty's father but I could believe in Alo's parents, even if his mum was a total bitch in parts of his episode.
Skins US: I need to catch up with Michelle's episode tomorrow but I didn't mind both Stanley and Abbud's episode, no matter how similar to their UK equivalent they were. The writing is still patchy in places though and I really could've done without Tony and Tea actually sleeping with each other. Tony is now the weakest link of the kids from this show. No disrespect to James Newman but he's just really miscast for the role but given how badly this is doing in the ratings, I'm thinking a second season will be a no go.

- Ryan Devlin will be reprising his role as Seth in Brothers And Sisters later in the season but has admitted that he isn't certain if the show will be picked up for a sixth year.
- Brian Austin Green has left Desperate Housewives but Bree will be getting another love interest later in the season.
- Elizabeth Hurley has been cast as a bisexual villain for the new Wonder Woman series that's due to air on NBC.
- Shameless US has been renewed for a second season while the UK version will be going on a break for a bit.
- There are rumours that the UK version of Skins will be getting 10 episodes for it's sixth season.
- James Callis is the latest Battlestar Galactica alumni to sign up for Ron Moore's new show, 17th Precinct.

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