Monday, March 28, 2011

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl - Season 4 Review

Okay and with the last episode that aired on ITV last week, I thought I might as well finish up my season reviews earlier than later, so here goes ….

Episode 1: Belle and Ben, finally a couple. They seemed so happy in this one. Shame it’s not going to last though. Still, very interesting that Stephanie’s spell in the pokey resulted in Belle playing madam and taking care of Poppy.

Episode 2: We finally meet Ben’s mother and she’s more liberated than her son is. Who’d thought? I did like the end scene between Belle and Ben but again, it does seem like this one won’t last.

Episode 3: It’s the arrival of Harry the creepy copper and his first sexual encounter with Belle is definitely one of the show’s worst. More grating is Poppy’s meltdown when she realises what Belle is and where her mother is really staying. Even Jackie’s return is preferable to that.

Episode 4: Poppy and Stephanie rowing is hardly highlight of the week and neither is Ben and Belle falling out either. The baby stuff with the client was amusing but naff and the ending with Belle heading to New York was different.

Episode 5: Belle in New York City trying to get a movie about her life done. Made for an amusing diversion but Poppy really showed her true colours when she decided to wreck havoc between Belle and Ben, didn’t she?

Episode 6: I liked Belle and dominatrix Charlotte first competing and then admiring each other’s skills with clients. Less admirable was Ben being passive aggressive and whiny and Poppy as well.

Episode 7: The death of a client during a session was certainly an interesting moment for Belle but between creepy Harry and Ben continuing to berate Belle, I was hoping for only one outcome in the end.

Episode 8: Loved the client being someone that Belle went to school with, loved that she didn’t go with either Ben or Harry but as a series finale, what a depressing way to end things. I guess Belle will just end up becoming like the released Stephanie in another decade or two.

Like the previous season, this one had some interesting moments but overall, it felt really rushed and the ending while interesting just didn’t work for me in other ways. Here’s hoping Billie Piper moves on to better things.

Rating: 7 out of 10.

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