Monday, March 07, 2011

True Blood - Season 4 Paleyfest 2011 Spoilers

With summer only a few months away, it's finally nice to have some more gossip on the upcoming fourth season of True Blood. Paleyfest 2011 saw the main cast taking to the stage and also unleashing some particularly interesting spoilers as well in relation to their characters and respective arcs this season. Spoilers including ...

- Hoyt and Jessica are still on but Deborah Ann Woll did suggest that the fairytale can't last forever.
- Arlene and Terry's baby issues will be growing exponentially throughout the season, with Terry under the impression that the evil in the child can be corrected. Arlene on the other hand is doubtful.
- Jason will still have involvement with the police but there are strong hints that his role in the Hotshot crew could become similar to his fate in the books.
- Sookie and Bill will NOT be getting back together but there is definitely going to be stuff with Alcide and Eric for Sookie to be getting on with.
- Eric is definitely getting the amnesia plot. A clip was released of him naked in the woods with no memory of himself.
- Sookie will also be different after coming back from spending time with Claudine. Both her and Jason have different genetic gifts as well in relation to the fae lineage.
- Sam may be getting a love interest this season and Tommy will also continue to be around, so he's not dead. Did anyone really think he would be?
- Another clip was released of Hoyt, Jessica and Pam dealing with protesters outside Fangtasia, following the fallout of Russell's on air attack.
- Tara will definitely be in a different place when she returns to the series as well.
- Expect to see Godric in flashbacks and maybe some Eric/Pam flashbacks too but there will definitely flashbacks with Bill and Eric.
- Gary Cole, witches, more vampires, a handful of shifters,a new werewolf, a couple of humans and a child are also being promised this season.
- Nothing was mentioned about Hallow's character. I'm guessing they're holding onto her presence in Season 4 for a little longer. Russell on the other hand, will return and he will be pissed.

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Overall, this is exciting stuff. I can't wait to see Season 4 during the summer.

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