Thursday, March 17, 2011

Glee - Paley 2011 Spoilers

Last week, I posted some spoilers in relation to True Blood that came from Paley. This week was Glee's turn to shine and here are a collection of tweets and spoilers that you can expect from the show's final six episodes, including a big one in relation to Santana ....

◦The adorable Chris Colfer on the red carpet at #paleyfest @gleeonfox
◦Ian Brennan wrote a song today for Kristin Chenoweth today called It’s 10 a.m. And I’m Drunk. #Glee
◦Kurt/Blaine kiss: chris says if they’d drawn it out any longer, fans would’ve killed themselves. D says It felt right. #glee #paleyfest
◦Darren Criss on Blaine/Kurt kiss: “It was it certainly felt right. It was a really special time.” #glee #PaleyFest
◦Brad Falchuck on writing for Burt/Kurt: “It’s really just a father son relationship. The gay stuff is just a complication.” #glee #PaleyFest
◦Kurt/burt is very personal to ryan, it’s autobiographical - his brother did the plugging his ears and running from the room thing #glee
◦Heather Morris says the vomit during the Ke$ha number “tasted like chalk.” #glee #paleyfest
◦Darren hasn’t tried to walk into a gap since silly love songs.#paleyfest #glee
◦Heather auditioned for Brittany Spears 3 years before working with her on the show. #PaleyFest #Glee
◦Also! Chris Colfer and Darren Criss hope for longterm Kurt/Blaine relationship… Full stories & video intvus coming tomorrow! - @karawarner
◦The umbrella number w/ Gwenyth was the most challenging number to shoot. Ryan Murphy is still in a bad mood about it. #Glee#paleyfest
◦Ryan Murphy says Gwyneth and Kristin Chenoweth are “the muses” of the show. They’ll always be back. #PaleyFest #glee
◦Cory sharing stories from his odd jobs in Canada. He used to drive a school bus! #glee #plaeyfest

◦Brad: We want to make sure Kurt/Burt feel real. Ryan: That comes a lot from my life. Ian is Sue, Brad is Burt and I am Kurt.
◦Darren: Recorded WIGYA in NY, flew back straight to the Gap to perform the song he had just recorded barely 24 hours ago.
◦Naya loves the fan reaction with the Britana storyline. She is honored and humbled. #glee #paleyfest
◦Naya: “One girl wrote me that she was contemplating suicide. (Others) said it gave them the courage to come out.” #gaysharks#glee
◦Chris: “would you believe I actually do not own a bedazzler?”
◦Oops! Chris just said he missed the group but “I’m excited to be back.” And the crowd goes wild. “Don’t act like you didn’t know.”#glee
◦Jane discussing the League of Doom. They’ll each get their own missions to destroy Glee club. #paley
◦“Born This Way” ep ahead. Remaining eps are really about heading toward Nationals. The Finn/Quinn/Rachel thing is huge. #PaleyFest#glee
◦When @KChenoweth returns, her all-white production of Wiz has failed and she’s started a one woman show called “Crossroads.” #PaleyFest #glee
◦Re: Britana, Brad says they’ll explore it but it’s more about Santana’s journey herself than about a romantic relationship. #PaleyFest #glee
◦Matt Morrison on Wemma: “They deserve each other and would help each other so much. So I hope it happens.” #PaleyFest #glee

◦Cory thinks it’s more interesting when Rachel and Finn are apart. Then he cowered in fear and yelled, “don’t judge me!” #paleyfest#glee
◦#Glee Scoop: Kurt and Blaine are Prom-Bound!
◦Glee is going on tour this summer. This tour will be 80% 2nd season. Playing in arenas working hard to keep intimacy.#PaleyFest #Glee
◦Ryan says the last 6 are really about the battle with Vocal Adrenaline, so Charice is back. #PaleyFest #glee
◦“We love you guys, but you’re crazy.” -Brad Falchuck on #Glee fans and their passion/attention to detail #paleyfest
◦Quinn’s baby is happy, says Brad Falchuck. Ryan getting Popular love, doubtful you’ll see that cast on #Glee. “Maybe Mary Cherry,” he says.
◦Cory confirms Finn and Rachel are still very in love with each other.
◦Ryan on cast input on storylines: “if I get one more call about them wanting to do Adele songs…” YES! #glee #PaleyFest
◦Ryan doesn’t expect the grumpy pianist to have lines any time soon, he’ll just continue hating the kids. #glee #paleyfest
◦Ryan wants to do an ep where everyone sings EVERY line of dialogue. #glee #paleyfest
◦Ryan wants to do an ep dedicated to an ALBUM, not just an artist. And “Rumors” by Fleetwood Mac is the winner! It’s happening.#Paley #glee
◦The #Glee talent show airing this summer will hopefully produce a Mercedes love interest. And Amber must approve! #PaleyFest
◦Naya on how Brittana would end: “I’d get her pregnant! We’d have a spinoff! (laughs) … But Santana should be with Brittany.”#gaysharks
◦Ryan Murphy is terrified to get on Twitter. @BFalchuk just shook his head. #glee #paleyfest
◦FAN: “Darren, you’re super mega foxy awesome hot. My question is for Mark.” ***
◦Doing a prom episode and The Warblers may perform at prom, says Ryan. As long as Klaine is together, theyl be around.#PaleyFest #glee
◦Last scoop, Blaine will eventually have to audition for New Directions in Season 3. #PaleyFest #glee

So, some interesting times ahead, huh?

Glee continues to air on FOX, Tuesdays at 8pm and will return in April while E4 air it on Mondays at 9pm and TV3 Wednesdays at 8pm.

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