Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brothers And Sisters - 20 Questions

With the UK release of the fifth and final season of Brothers And Sisters on DVD this month, I decided to do these 20 questions in relation to the series.

1. Favourite character?
Kevin Walker. Also IMO, the bestest gay character ever.

2. Second favourite character?
It's either Kitty or Scotty. Really do love both of those characters.

3. Least favourite character?
Holly Harper. Just couldn't sympathise with her and didn't find her the most interesting of antagonists either.

4. Favourite couple?
Kevin/Scotty. Beautifully realised, developed and the chemistry between Matthew and Luke was bloody sublime.

5. Second favourite couple?
Kitty/Robert. I might not have always liked Robert as a character but I always found him and Kitty to be a realistic pairing and again, great chemistry with Calista and Rob.

6. Least favourite couple?
Sarah/Luc. The actors lacked chemistry, the writing sucked and something about them as a couple never really gelled. Actually Sarah/Luc just lack a lot of substance.

7. Favourite season?
Its a toughie but I'm going with Season 1, which is a rare thing for me. After that, it would be Season 4, Season 2, Season 3 and ...

8. Least favourite season?
Season 5. It's got far too much going against it and if David Marshall Grant's comments on what a sixth year would've been like, maybe canning the show was the right thing for ABC to do after all.

9. Favourite friendship?
Nora/Emily. Man, the Walkers didn't seem to have any friends, did they?

10. Favourite sibling relationship?
I'm tempted to say all of them together but I quite like Kevin/Justin and Kevin/Kitty the best.

11. Favourite parent/child relationship?
I'm tempted to say Nora's with Kevin but I really dug the banter with Nora and Kitty the most at times.

12. What's one thing you wish never happened?
Only one? Okay, then I wish Scotty hadn't cheated because it served no damn purpose, plot wise. On a bigger scale, DeWalkering both Rebecca and Sarah was also pretty silly on the show's part.

13. Favourite quote?
“It’s not funny. You’ll give me a heart attack one day and I’ll die. Live with that.”

14. Funniest episode/scene?
Game Night, in particular Kevin's dinosaur impression.

15. Favourite wedding?
Kevin and Scotty. It's also my favourite finale as well, so go fig.

16. Favourite child?
Aw, again do I have to? Okay, I'll pick Evan then.

17. What's one thing you think should of happened that never did?
Hard to say, maybe we should've seen more of Kevin being a lawyer during Season 5 or got some continuity on that York fella.

18. Favourite actor?
Matthew Rhys but that kind of goes without saying.

19. Favourite actress?
I'm going with Calista Flockart to be honest.

20. Overall favourite thing about B&S?
Kevin/Scotty but also the family element of the show. You genuinely bought into the Walkers as a family, didn't you?

Season 5 is released on DVD from November 14th.

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