Saturday, November 05, 2011

True Blood - Season 5 Casting News/Spoilers

Warning: Some major spoilers in relation to the fifth season of True Blood.

It was announced a while ago that the fifth season was going to have a new regular vampire named Nora and now it's been announced that former Robin Hood actress Lucy Griffiths has been cast in the role of Godric's progeny/Eric's 'sister'. Nora is being described as intelligent and cool under pressure and will have an involvement in the vampire authority.

Other spoilers that have leaked for the upcoming season include the addition of a supernatural strip club, the arrival of Alcide's father, flashbacks to Sookie's childhood in the opening episode and the introduction of Marcus's mother (er, why?). No spoilers have leaked about Russell or Tara's ultimate fate or the casting of Salome yet.

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