Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Doctor Who - A Movie On The Horizon Or Not

Another day, another rumour of a Doctor Who movie. Remember the last rumours? You should do, it was two years ago but Variety have reported that a movie is taking place and that it David Yates is supposed to be helming the damn thing and also a movie where no continuity will be present or current actors already in the show. In other words, a reboot.

I really hope this lands in development hell or never takes off because a) we don't actually need a movie right about now, b) the Twitter brigade who still can't accept the fact that David Tennant has moved on seem determined that he should be the Doctor in the movie rather than Matt Smith, c) it would nice for Hollywood not to piss on a franchise for a change and d) if a movie should happen, it should be a UK production, not an American production.

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