Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Review of Ringer's 1x09: "Shut Up And Eat Your Bologna"

Written by Robert Berens
Directed by Scott White

Malcolm: “This isn’t about sobriety, Bridget. Something’s not right here.”

Wow, and why isn’t this guy a detective already? It’s amazing that we have Victor, who can’t really seem to crack a case if his life depended on it and Bridget, who despite her smarts, has still missed out on some vital things and then there’s Malcolm.

I loved that something like mouthwash containing alcohol actually tipped him off that Charlie might not be the person he’s pretending to be and I also liked that he did some sly detective work on his own bat before him and Bridget teamed up to learn more about their new best friend. I’m also hoping that Malcolm’s detective work doesn’t end up backfiring on him as well.

Where Bridget accidentally discovered that Charlie had been playing her (spotting him getting hammered at a bar where Siobhan used to go), it was Malcolm who suspected the guy and got the proof he needed before pursuing anything else. Malcolm really could put Victor out of a job with those amazing skills.

The only downer point to the whole thing was Malcolm not being able to reach to Gemma in time. He was this close to discovering and freeing her from Charlie’s clutches and Bridget texting him to get out of the house came at a worse time for Gemma. Much as Bridget was right to give Malcolm the heads up, I can’t help but worry for Gemma.

I knew she had to be alive and this episode she was pretty locked in a basement, bound, gagged and blindfolded to a chair while Charlie was taking calls from Siobhan and deducing that Bridget was finally onto him when she met with him in order to reclaim the police gun she had given him at the start of the episode.

I suppose because of this discovery this could possibly mean that Charlie’s days on the show are effectively over. If he’s daft enough to try and kill either Bridget or Malcolm (and I think he is), then either of them are likely to kill him in self defence. My only fear is that Gemma is not long for this world and that basically sucks. I like Gemma and as exits go, it’d be brutal but still rather an unsatisfying way of writing the character out.

It’d also still raise more complications for Bridget as well, who seems to be getting a little too comfortable with playing Siobhan, something which Malcolm was right to call her out on. Her Prince Charming fantasy with Andrew can only go so far and considering the amount of complications she’s attracted and the way this show moves forward, who’s to say that Andrew could learn the truth a lot sooner than Bridget would want him too?

That being said, it’s also hard not to enjoy Bridget and Andrew as a couple. In a weird way, they do work well together (though I think I do prefer Bridget/Malcolm) and Andrew’s estimation in his marriage is certainly affecting his judgement when it came to seeking investments from Mr Arbogast (Gemma’s father) as well.

I knew Olivia wasn’t going to take Andrew deciding not to pursue the Arbogast deal lying down, so her paying Henry a visit to resign papers again was hardly a shocker. I was a little surprised though that she managed to quickly work out that Henry had been sleeping with Siobhan but considering that he left a rather incriminating picture on his phone, Henry really has no-one else to blame but himself for that one.

Olivia back to her scheming self reinforced the fact that she’s not a particularly likeable person but she’s still light years behind when it comes to Siobhan. Thanks to Siobhan, Bridget was manipulated by Jimmy the cop to meet up with her sister and eventually assume her identity. At this point, I don’t think I’d even be surprised if Siobhan’s manipulations hadn’t gone even further than that too.

My favourite thing about this episode was Bridget actively upping her game into learning more about Siobhan though. The antics with the therapist might have future repercussions down the line but it’s interesting if Siobhan really is a victim of a stalker. Here’s hoping that the next episode actually gives us a bit more insight on who she was running from.

Also in “Shut Up And Eat Your Bologna”

Instead of Juliet, it’s Charlie who is actually responsible for this week’s episode title. I think the writers need to think the titles out a bit better.

Bridget: “I can’t really sleep on the bus.”
Siobhan: “Well, get some rest. Big plans tomorrow.”

I liked the little flashback to Bridget and Siobhan from the opening episode. Siobhan certainly knew how to play Bridget there and the thought experiment thing with Bridget and Andrew was lovely.

Malcolm (to Bridget): “You’re pretending to be his dead wife, how can there be any trust in that? I’m sorry but this Prince Charming fantasy you going with Andrew, it was supposed to be temporary. This is not your life.”

Bridget: “This is the new Siobhan Martin, no aliases required.”
Therapist: “Well, whatever name you’re using, I’m glad you decided to return to therapy.”

Speaking of names, Charlie’s real name is John Delario. Siobhan also used her Cora Farrell alias with her shrink too.

Charlie (re Jimmy/Bridget): “He got her to you, didn’t he?”
Siobhan: “Whatever.”

Henry: “So, what’s your story, Olivia?”
Olivia: “What have you heard?”
Henry: “That you’re a bitch.”

Is Tara Summers even filming these scenes anymore as Gemma and if not, then why not? Oh and the twins her and Henry finally made an appearance in this one. Also, what’s Siobhan doing for money or accommodation now that Tyler ditched her in the previous episode?

Charlie (re Bridget): “Siobhan, she’s onto me.”

Chronology: It’s been six weeks since the opening episode and this episode in particular didn’t feature Victor or Juliet.

Not quite as good as the previous two episode but “Shut Up And Eat Your Bologna” certainly had it’s moments though. Bridget and Malcolm made for an interesting team, Charlie’s days are certainly numbers and Olivia is now going to be a bigger nuisance than before.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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