Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Review of Dexter's 6x06: "Just Let Go"

Written by Jace Richdale
Directed by John Dahl

Harry: “Why is it so hard for you to admit that you care about Brother Sam?”
Dexter: “It doesn’t make sense. Who is he to me?”
Harry: “A fellow traveller. He was a killer at one time.”

And unfortunately now thanks to this episode, he’s a dead one. Goodbye, Brother Sam. With you, we’ve lost an excellent character and possibly the only hope for Dexter that you can overcome a dark passenger, unless Lumen ever shows up on the show again. I loved that Dexter cared about Brother Sam.

I also loved that he killed Nick as well as a result of it. I know I shouldn’t because the appearance of Rudy/Brian at the end of the episode indicated that Dexter is heading down a darker path than usual but any sympathy I had for Nick pretty much washed away with this story anyways.

Brother Sam was the bigger man for forgiving Nick on his deathbed and Dexter tried to be the bigger man as well but Nick’s motives for killing Brother Sam coupled with a lack of remorse made it hard to care about him being killed in the end. How is it Brother Sam’s fault that Nick’s life is still shit?

The man wasn’t a miracle worker, though he tried his best. Nick was obviously immature enough to accept responsibility for the way his life and murdered the only person who was trying to help him. Also, I have a feeling he would’ve murdered Dexter as well on the off chance that Dexter would’ve been believed about Brother Sam’s confession.

Rudy appearing at the end of this episode was a delightful shocker. It’s going to be interesting to see where Dexter goes right now because anything is possible. Also, even though I do like Harry, he’s not been the most helpful of guides and we could do with a break from him for a while anyways, couldn’t we? Or is that just me then?

Dexter going off the rails seemed to also go against Travis, who was getting something of a wake up call in this episode. He deliberately showed reluctance to brand a woman and eventually allowed her to be free. If Gellar’s real, I can’t imagine that this is going to go down well for him and similarly as much as I liked that Travis did the right, we’ve still got six episodes left and I can see Gellar putting him in line next week.

Speaking of being in their place – you really don’t have to an observant viewer to realise that Clarissa is hiding something from the cops but thanks to Quinn, Deb and everyone else have hit a brick wall with the woman. Clarissa’s devotion to Gellar seems every bit as worrying as Travis’s and if she doesn’t end up a victim of her former lover, then she’s definitely going to be an accomplice to his madman ways if she isn’t already that is.

My hatred for Quinn as a character is continuing to grow with each episode. I honestly don’t give a monkeys that he’s hurting over Deb because his attitude is so annoying, it’s just hard to sympathise with the guy. His callous disregard for sleeping with Clarissa and jeopardising the Doomsday case, deliberately bringing a woman he picked up from the bar to Deb’s housewarming party and then cracking on Jamie – all I can say is that he got off lightly with Angel clocking him. At this rate, I’m beginning to hope he doesn’t make it out of this season alive.

As for Deb, I felt bad for her this week. What with Maria continuing to be a condescending bitch to her and Masuka and Angel becoming distant, I can’t help but feel that this show is almost punishing her for being a lieutenant and that actually sucks to watch. I don’t want to see Deb being punished for getting a job that she could actually be good at. At least she didn’t blackmail or sleep her way to the top, unlike some other people.

I also liked that Deb unloaded a little more to her therapist (I really like that woman) and that she also made amends with Jamie. It was a good thing for Deb to do and let’s face it, apart from Mike; she’s the only person in Miami Metro right about now who’s actually acting like a damn professional. I think she needs to be cut some slack.

Also in “Just Let Go”

I noticed the dog growling repeating during Brother Sam’s vigil. I forgot Dexter gave animals the creeps.

Dexter: “Most people believe we have free will, that we choose our own path. Sometimes the path is clear, sometimes not so much. Every twist, every turn can challenge our sense of direction.”

We got to meet Lisa once again when Travis came to her place of work and painted with the kids.

Dexter (to Brother Sam): “If you’re lying there because of my dark passenger, then I promise you my dark passenger will make amends.”

Angel (to Quinn): “I’m really not liking you right now.”

It’s usually at this point we know if the show is coming back for another season but we don’t yet.

Lisa (to Travis, re her kids): “Don’t you envy them? So full of dreams and all the time in the world to make them come true.”

Mike showed his competence this week with the way he caught up to Leo Hernandez and Masuka’s new intern seems to have a hero worship for Dexter, which can’t end well.

Clarissa (to Angel, re Gellar/Quinn): “Jesus, if we were still involved, would I have slept with Mr Warmth over here? Or are you implying I’m a whore as well as an accomplice to murder?”

Dexter: “You don’t know me.”
Brother Sam: “Yes I do. I know about your darkness but I also see your light.”

Clarissa played Lorena in True Blood. No wonder I don’t bloody trust her. It also makes sense now.

Rudy/Brian (to Dexter): “Hey, little brother. Miss me?”

Chronology: Picks up from where “The Angel Of Death” left off.

After five somewhat hit and miss episodes, “Just Let Go” finally felt more like the show I’ve known and loved since 2006. The pacing was sharp, acting fantastic and there were some genuine character moments. It seems that the show has found it’s groove again.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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