Friday, November 25, 2011

Let's (Fail To) Kill Hitler Again

And here's one of two TV jumbles to expect in the next few days. The next one will hopefully be tomorrow or Sunday.

American Horror Story: Okay, you can definitely tell this is a Ryan Murphy show, can't you? Our protagonists are a frustrating lot to watch but between home invasions and murdered pregnant mistresses, this show is certainly impressing at every turn. I might not care about the Harmons as much as I should do but I do care about all the murders that have happened in their new home and I can't wait for next week's Halloween themed episode on FXUK.

Glee: With three more episodes for 2011, the show's third season is actually picking up well. The 300th performance with Mercedes and Santana delivering a cracking version of Rumour Has It/Someone Like You served as a new high for the show but it's the Santana vs. Finn antics that drove this episode. Santana went too far with her treatment of both Finn and Rory in this episode but a week on, I still think Finn was a prized idiot for outing her the way he did. Looking forward to the fallout though in the next episode.

Merlin: A mixed batch of episodes here. One episode saw Gaius captured, Morgana nearly coming close to discovering who Emerys really was and Merlin gaining a following of sorts. Then we got a rather disappointing episode where a girl named Lamia managed to make the Knights ina round table of idiots for most of the hour. I love the Knights, I genuinely do but the show needs to stop featuring them in every episode because they're not being well served to be honest.

Misfits: Now this is definitely more like it. Not one but two incredibly enjoyable episodes in a row. Okay, so there were cliches with dorky guy being a hindrance to Simon and Alisha and their future and a world where the Nazis were victorious certainly had it's moments. As a character, Rudy is definitely improving though and the blossoming relationship between Kelly and Seth has actually been a lot of fun to watch, though Kelly put Rory to shame with the way she decided to deal with Hitler. Let's just say a simple punch wasn't enough for Kelly.

Mongrels: Yup, I'm still watching. Even an episode that features Danny Dyer can't stop me watching this bloody show (well, Vince did try to kill him). At some point, I'm going to go and find the first series but right now, I continue to enjoy the violent Vince, the funny as hell cat Marion and of course, Kali, who for a pigeon isn't too proud to eat her own cousin at a wedding or get a rival pigeon killed so she can reclaim her perch. And the songs are pretty addictive as well.

Threesome: It's been a fun little series (and I hope it gets a second run) but even dressed as a space hopper, the show finally decided that it was time for Alice to give birth, with the assistance of her mother, plus the mothers of Mitch and Ritchie as well for good measure. I've enjoyed this series and it'll be interesting to see Alice, Mitch and Ritchie now that they've got Lily to look after next series but can we get Dave back too?

- Dana Delany, Kyle MacLachlan and Andrea Bowen will all be returning to Desperate Housewives in the second half of Season 8.
- Hilarie Burton will be guest starring in an episode of Castle as a woman famous for being famous.
- HBO have decided to pass on the comedy pilot, Spring/Fall starring Tea Leoni.
- Dexter has been renewed for both a seventh and an eighth season.
- SyFy are developing a series for Booster Gold from a script by Fringe writer, Andrew Kreisberg.
- Ewan McGregor will star in a pilot for HBO called The Corrections.

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