Wednesday, November 16, 2011

True Blood - SFX Cover/Season 5 Casting Spoiler

And here's another casting spoiler ....

Valentina Cervi has been cast in the role of powerful and mysterious vampire Salome for the show's fifth season and will be regular thorn in the neck for Sookie and company. Cannot wait to see her in action.

It took them four seasons but SFX have finally put True Blood on their cover (Issue 216) and have done a roundup of their 20 favourite things about the show as well as interviews with Joe Manganiello, Kristin Bauer Van Straten and Stephen Moyer. The 20 things are ...

01: It's Trashy
02: It's Not Quite Like The Books
03: It's Sick
04: Pam's Monumental Swearing
05: Bill Saying 'Sookeh'
06: Eric Northman
07: It's So Southern
08: The Sex
09: The Nudity
10: The Sesame Street Parody
11: Jessica Hamby
12: Jason Stackhouse's Swoon Worthy Chest
13: The Little 'Snirk' Noise Vampire Fangs Make
14: The Promo Campaigns
15: The Dialogue
16: Alan Ball
17: The Bad Guys
18: Sookie's Got Spunk
19: The Title Sequence
20: The Word 'Fangbanger'

The issue is currently available to buy now.

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