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My Review of Revenge's 1x09: "Suspicion"

Written by Salvatore Stabile
Directed by Bethany Rooney

Tyler: “No con, Nolan, I like you. I thought we had a mutually beneficial thing going on here. You said yourself you have more money than you can wrap your brain around. Besides, I have every intention of repaying you.”
Nolan: “Transaction denied, cash only.”

Now, there’s a rebuff line you don’t get to hear every day. So, after the lack of Tyler and Nolan action in the previous episode, it’s good that this one reminded us that even with these two becoming sleeping and investing buddies, there is no actual love here people. Both men are just doing whatever they can to outsmart the other and that’s rather amusing to watch.

Tyler will literally do anything to stick with the Grayson money train and if he has to make out with Nolan in order to get the eccentric billionaire to invest in Conrad’s business, he’ll do it and no amount of scowling from Ashley is gonna determined. Despite my dislike for the character and the apathy I have with his classism issues, his steely determination is bizarrely admirable at the same time.

Of course, the problem with conmen like Tyler is that they never seem to believe that they can be outsmarted and while Tyler did patronise Nolan by pretending the guy had a brain, he also continued to seriously underestimate him at the same time. No offence Tyler but it does look like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew here.

Not only does Nolan have zero intention of actually handing over 20 million to Conrad’s business but he was also clever enough to video Tyler messing about with Lydia’s original speech and figured out that Tyler was doing some digging on David Clarke to use against the Graysons as well. If Nolan wasn’t my favourite character on this show beforehand, this episode certainly edged things in his favour.

He was clever enough to make sure that Ashley also saw the kiss between him and Tyler as well and he was giving some pretty sensible advice to both Emily and Jack in relation to the problem known as Amanda (or the Real Emily) as well. It’s just too bad that both they and Amanda herself continued to ignore Nolan and his sound words throughout the episode.

And getting to the problem that is Amanda – it looks like that along with Tyler and Victoria, Emily has gotten herself a triad of threats that will not go away in any shape or form. With Tyler looking into her father’s connection with the Graysons and Victoria latching onto her distrust towards all the more, Amanda’s refusal to actually leave the Hamptons could also be part of Emily’s downfall.

Emily might have had good reason to think she could coerce Amanda into doing whatever she wanted (the flashbacks certainly portrayed the woman’s willingness to give up her own identity to become Amanda) but here, it did look like she was out of her depth. I expected Amanda to reveal herself to Jack and I even expected them to become a couple. I didn’t however think it would happen this fast though.

Jack’s fixation from Emily to Amanda does however make me wonder if the man is a good judge of character though. Nolan gave him so pretty sound advice about treading carefully with Amanda and Jack decided to ignore him. Plus it did seem a little too convenient that he brought Amanda to see the porch at the end of the episode with Emily there. The look Emily gave the both of them, I’m surprised they didn’t succumb to frostbite there and then.

As for the rivalry between Emily and Victoria, it’s nice that this episode maintained Victoria’s mistrust of the girl, even if she did try to play nice for Daniel’s sake. As for Ashley, I know there’s a part of me that should actually praise her for giving Victoria more insight into Emily but actually this episode just didn’t paint her in a good light. Yes, Victoria’s a far worse person morally but I’ve lost any respect for Ashley to be honest at this point and her nastiness towards Emily seems to be down to Tyler manipulating her rather than anything Emily has done to her personally.

Keeping with Victoria – I’m not surprised she attempted to break up Declan and Charlotte and I’m also not surprised that her plan failed there but I do like that she’s questioning Conrad more about Frank’s death (his phone was found in their garden) and trying her damndest to keep a hold of Lydia. However, Conrad outsmarted her on the last one but it’ll be interesting to see if Lydia turns on him in the upcoming weeks.

Also in “Suspicion”

Emily’s not being that crafty after all. Daniel has actually noticed that she sneaks off at night, though he didn’t seem that bothered by it.

Emily: “Did you sleep well?”
Daniel: “Better than you I’m guessing. I heard you get up in the middle of the night again.”
Emily: “Yeah, I’m sorry. I’m still getting used to someone sleeping next to me.”

It’s actually been five episodes in a row now since Emily’s extracted revenge on someone and it’s not hurting the show at all.

Amanda: “Who’s Amanda, an old girlfriend?”
Jack: “More like a childhood crush.”

Emily (re Amanda): “Don’t tell me she didn’t leave town.”
Nolan: “Okay but I will tell you she’s got a killer body, no pun intended. Amanda is on the Amanda toasting herself as we speak.”

Looks like Emily has another ally in her corner with Satoshi Takeda (the same fella Daniel was trying to woo, business wise) and in flashbacks, it appears she spent some time in Japan with him.

Tyler (to Daniel/Conrad): “Ambition versus nepotism, game on.”

Emily: “May I ask what it is about me that troubles you so much?”
Victoria: “Call it maternal instinct.”

We got some David and Victoria flashbacks in this episode and some Amanda/Emily ones too. That brown wig Emily Van Camp is wearing is distracting.

Amanda (to Nolan): “In case you haven’t noticed, I do things on my own terms. If Emily wants me gone, she’ll have to consider the ripple effect.”

Nolan: “Between Tyler’s scheming and Amanda’s homicidal tendencies, this is a very dangerous game that we’re playing here.”
Emily: “I told you this is not a game. I never should’ve trusted you to take down Tyler.”

Standout music: The Business’s “Pigs And Pearls”.

Emily: “I fear I’m losing control.”
Satoshi: “As you were warned, revenge is a stony path. Remember, inside the viper’s nest, you must be a viper too.”

Emily: “It’s nice to see you again, Amanda.”
Amanda: “Jack has the nicest things to say about you. I’m happy my home is in good hands. It’s a very special place for me and my father. It’s good to be home.”

Chronology: From where “Treachery” left off.

We’ve had stronger episodes in the run but “Suspicion” was a lot of fun and it’s nice to see that Emily has her work cut out for her with Amanda making herself rather comfortable at the Hamptons.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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