Thursday, February 02, 2012

My Review of Ringer's 1x11: "It Just Got Normal"

Written by Cathryn Humphris
Directed by Jeff T. Thomas

Andrea: “You need help.”
Juliet: “No, I don’t. I just want to forget it happened and move on.”

And I’d like an answer as to what’s really going on with Juliet and Mr Carpenter as well. Did he really rape her or is she making it up and committing to the lie because he seemed genuinely startled when Bridget smacked him one and Juliet did seem genuinely distressed as in this episode.

As plots go, it’s not the most compelling of storylines but its better than most of what actually did happen in this episode. There’s nothing about Carpenter’s demeanour that seems off or sinister but at the same time, Juliet was noticeably off that Bridget picked up on it and managed to get an answer from her.

The fact that Bridget punched Carpenter so publicly and embarrassed him might not have been the wisest of moves but it’s more than enough proof that she does genuinely care about Juliet’s safety. It also made me wonder if Siobhan would’ve reacted the same way or would’ve chosen to ignore the accusation or simply not believe Juliet at all.

However, it’s also another example of how Andrew seems to be genuinely clueless with Juliet as well. He doesn’t really pick up on her distress and automatically assumed the worst when she was lashing out at the charity (what is it with this show and Revenge when it comes to these functions?) for her public school. At least he came through when Bridget brought him up to speed on thing.

However, this is not a storyline I want to see dragged out for much longer so hopefully within the next episode or two, we actually find out the truth with Juliet and Carpenter. That being said, either way I have a feeling I’m not gonna like the outcome. If Juliet’s lying, then it puts her in a bad light and the same with Carpenter if she’s telling the truth as well.

Speaking of bad light – can someone actually point to me what’s so appealing about Henry because I’m rather at a loss here? I mean, Siobhan loves him so much she came back to New York, has been hounding him for the entire episode and it seemed like this one was going to end with her telling him who Andrew is really with at the moment.

Personally I don’t get it myself. Henry’s a good looking guy but he’s also a rather petulant whiny man child who doesn’t seem to take any responsibility for his actions. He might not have been responsible for Gemma’s death but he was certainly responsible for cheating on her and it seemed like he was too happy just to blame everything on Siobhan here.

On the plus side, at least he actually found himself being suspicious of Siobhan’s motives for wanting to rekindle with him and also about the extent of Charlie’s involvement in Gemma’s death as well. That shows that when Henry isn’t thinking about himself or playing the victim, he can actually use that brain of his.

I take it from the posters the CW have been using to promote the second half of the season that Henry is actually going to learn about Bridget and Siobhan, which should see some nice progression for him as a character and the show itself. However, bearing that in mind, I can also see him actually turning on Siobhan too.

Keeping with Siobhan, having her in New York again means that we actually get to have her in more than two scenes per episode and here, she wasn’t exactly on fine form but at least she wasn’t entirely focusing on getting back with Henry as well. I take it by stealing Bridget’s ring and Andrew’s files she’s got plans to make both her sister and husband’s lives uncomfortable in the next few weeks but we are in the second half of the season and we still need to know a bit more about the character and why she’s doing the things she is.

That also applies to Victor, who is still a cipher character wise at this point as well. However, on the plus side, Victor actually took Henry’s suspicions about Charlie seriously and even managed to make a connection between the dead ex-copper and Siobhan, so if he can do that, maybe there is hope for him as a character after all.

Last but not least, the subplot with Bridget making amends with Siobhan’s old pal Greer during the charity do for Juliet’s school seemed a little tepid too. I thought Greer and her annoyance over knowing about Siobhan’s adultery would’ve offered a bit more tension but she seemed to forgive ‘Siobhan’ a little too quickly for my liking. A bit of a wasted opportunity there, show.

Also in “It Just Got Normal”

I know the show needs to visually distinguish between the sisters but those hideous bangs that Bridget was sporting need to die faster than Bodaway does right about now.

Andrew (re Greer): “Do you wanna talk about it?”
Bridget: “Nah, can we just leave the past in the past?”

I zoned out during Andrew’s business meeting plot but seriously if doing computer for him is the only plot Malcolm can get this week, then I’m worried for the character’s future.

Siobhan: “I miss you.”
Henry: “You know who I miss – my wife? You brought Bridget Kelly into our lives and if it wasn’t for you, Gemma would be here today.”

Andrew: “It doesn’t matter what dress you choose, I’ll only be thinking about tearing it off.”
Bridget: “Hmm, I like the way you think.”

The way Siobhan was staring at Bridget showering before snatching her ring was a little too Psycho like for my senses.

Juliet (to Andrea, re her drinking): “Don’t judge, support. It’s the only way I’ll get through tonight.”

Greer (re Henry): “I hated you for that.”
Bridget: “I don’t blame you and I’m sorry, more sorry than I know how to put into words.”

Andrew’s favourite team seems to be Arsenal, Tyler still thinks he’s going to be a father, there was a lot of discussion of the Pivoine hotel and Henry was seemingly about to get a book deal.

Juliet: “All I wanted was to forget what happened and now the whole world knows.”
Bridget: I am so sorry, I wasn’t thinking. I was so angry, I couldn’t see straight.”
Juliet: “No kidding, just get out.”

Chronology: About two weeks since “That’s What You Get For Trying To Kill Me”.

Given that it’s been two months since the previous episode, “It Just Got Normal” was a bit of a disappointing way to really kick start the second half of the season. I do hope that this is a temporary glitch because it did manage to find a good groove during the first half of the season and I’d hate to it regress.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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