Friday, February 17, 2012

My Review of Revenge's 1x13: "Commitment"

Written by Mark B. Perry And Liz Tigelaar
Directed by Kenneth Fink

Daniel: “You still want to marry into my crazy family?”
Emily: “More than ever.”

Oh Daniel, you’re such a nice guy but it’s a great pity that you had to go and tell Emily that your mother alluded to Charlotte being the product of a rape. Emily was actually cool her jets and take more caution with getting her vengeance on certain people but thank to your little comment, you’ve basically shoved a red flag at this raging bull.

I have to admit I found myself a little mystified with that reveal too. I mean, Victoria badly phrased her relationship with David to Daniel and had a chance to correct herself and chose not to. I mean, considering how much Victoria has gone on about loving David throughout the series so far, why would she let Daniel think that he might have raped her?

I suppose from a strategic point of view, if Charlotte really is seen as a product of rape then it actually gives Victoria the foothold that Conrad had decimated from her within this episode. He quickly found out about Charlotte’s real father and made damn sure that Victoria paid for it by giving her an ultimatum as well as promising her a pittance in their divorce battle.

From an oddly admirable perspective, this is the first victory Victoria has managed to snare in this episode. I mean aside from Conrad finding out about Charlotte, Victoria had also failed to prove Amanda wasn’t who she claimed to be and wasn’t successful in thwarting Daniel’s hopes to marry Emily. This really hasn’t been her week.

I did love the scenes with Victoria and the Fake Amanda having tea, strawberries and cream and basically both of them attempting to outsmart the other one. I love that Victoria could tell that the woman currently pretending to be Amanda is a fraud but at the same time, I just knew her attempts of getting DNA proof were going to be scuppered at the same time.

Instead of actually exacting revenge on Ryan Huntley, Emily’s actually been working with the guy to sabotage Victoria and given the explanation we got in the flashback, it makes sense. I also just enjoy the idea of Emily having multiple sources of help at her disposal but at the same time, Emily also made some colossal screw ups in this episode too.

Attempting to frame Amanda for torching Mason’s place with the tapes was an idiotic move on her part. Not only has Amanda actually been loyal to her throughout the last decade but Jack actually suffered from Emily’s scheme when Victoria’s goon beat the crap out of him for the tapes (except for one – wonder what that could be?).

Nolan definitely read Emily the riot she richly deserved in this episode as well. Emily really does need to realise that her actions can and will affect undeserving people as well. Not only is Daniel one of those people but Jack certainly was as well and I’m glad that Nolan’s words actually got through to her this week. Emily certainly needed to take heed of them, that’s for sure.

As for her scenes with Amanda, I have to admit they were certainly a highlight of the episode for me as well. It’s beginning to bum me out now that Emily sees her as collateral damage because as volatile as Amanda is as a person, I can’t help but feel sorry for the girl more than I expected to.

Amanda has proven that she genuinely cares for Emily and like Nolan has certainly taken a lot of shit than she deserves to. Also, it’s pretty obvious that her feelings for Jack are genuine and that she didn’t want to leave him, even though Emily persuaded her to do it. However, I don’t see Amanda staying out of the Hamptons for long though and maybe it might be in Emily’s best interests to keep her closer rather than further away.

As for the other important storylines of the week – Daniel’s rainy boat proposal for Emily was rather sweet and visually stunning, just too bad for his sake that she is marrying him for the wrong reasons. Plus, as detached as Emily is trying to be with Charlotte being her half sister, she did look rather touched when the girl hugged over the engagement. If only Charlotte knew that her dream for having a sister was actually true. Then again, knowing the break neck speed of this show, she’ll know soon enough.

Also in “Commitment”

Emily’s still doing her nightly sneak outs and Daniel is still paying attention to them. Surely, he’s going to get suspicious soon?

Nolan: “What about Jack?”
Emily: “Jack is in love with a killer. I’ve got to get rid of Amanda.”
Nolan: “Oh, he thinks he’s in love with you. Meanwhile poor puppy dog Daniel actually is, so pre tell where does your heart actually stand in all this?”
Emily: “My feelings are irrelevant. Look, I came here for revenge and you offered to help. If you can’t stomach it anymore, at least spare me your passive-aggressive judgements.”

Declan didn’t seem all that pleased when Conrad actually offered to help send him to the same college as Charlotte, who now has been told to go back to Victoria’s.

Amanda (re Mason’s fire): “Wow, karma really is a bitch.”
Emily: “More like Victoria Grayson is. I think she’s the one who did it.”

Victoria: “Is it money you’re after?”
Amanda: “I don’t know what you’re talking about and apparently, neither do you.”
Victoria: “Sit down.”
Amanda: “I don’t take orders from you.”

Charlotte was named after David’s favourite aunt and Victoria tried to suss out Amanda with an allergy to strawberries. Has Emily actually consumed strawberries since this show began?

Daniel: “You’re the first person I could be my true self around.”
Emily: “Lucky me.”

Victoria (to Emily/Daniel): “Romance is never perfect but don’t let me rain on your parade.”

Conrad made some perspective points about lying and cheating that Daniel really should’ve paid heed to. Also, Victoria’s maiden name is Harper and we saw flashbacks to when she found out about being pregnant with Charlotte.

Ashley: “All I’ve got to show for my summer with the Graysons is a psychotic, gun wielding ex-boyfriend who made out with you. Meanwhile Emily gets an engagement ring and the keys to the kingdom.”
Nolan: “Emily said yes?”
Ashley: “According to her text. I’ve got to go to the loo and drown myself in it.”

Charlotte (to Emily): “You have no idea how badly I wanted a sister.”

Standout music: Spectral’s “You Can’t Live On Love Alone”.

Emily: “I never meant for Jack to get hurt.”
Nolan: “How much collateral damage are you willing to accept? I may have Jack’s blood all over my jacket but you’ve got it all over your hands.”

Emily (re David/Victoria): “Are you saying he raped her?”
Daniel: “And got her pregnant with Charlotte as the result.”
Emily: “She said this to you?”

Chronology: From where “Infamy” left off.

This show really doesn’t seem to stop for breath, does it? “Commitment” certainly kept the pace going quite beautifully and if Emily was going to slouch on her vow to get even with the Graysons, we can all thank Daniel for renewing her commitment in their imminent downfall.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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