Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sexy And He Knows It

And here's another jumble of some of the stuff I've been watching over the last few weeks.

American Horror Story: Well, apart from the unsatisfying element of the babies adding nothing to the mix (wasn't one of them supposed to be the Antichrist?), the last two episodes of this show certainly found a novel way of writing out the Harmons, giving Constance another child whose life she can ruin and also promising that when the show returns for a second year, it'll be an entirely different creation. All this alone is making me curious for what lunacy Ryan Murphy has up his sleeve for the next year.

Desperate Housewives: Downward spirals, sex swings and more lame excuses for Susan to make an idiot of her herself courtesy of a new teacher she's desperate to impress. On the plus side, Carlos's increased drinking and the girls horrifying discovery on Halloween that someone else dug up Alejandro's body have certainly made the last few episodes more enjoyable. It's a shame though that this isn't being promoted half as much as it should be in it's final year because this is actually a real return to form, writing wise.

Glee: Is Ricky Martin the sexiest male guest star this show has ever cooked up? The jury might be out but he certainly made Sexy And I Know It fun as hell to watch and while the episode might not be regarded as a classic, I loved that Martin's character, David Martinez has the potential to return and that Santana took Will to task over his lax attitude towards teaching Spanish. The only thing I could've done without was Sue and her attempts to have a child. I'm pretty sure that asking kids for sperm is not the way to go about it, Sue. Even for this show, that was possibly a step too far.

Skins: You lose some characters and you gain at least one. Morocco made sure that Matty was on the run, that Grace died in the second episode and that Rich was also written off screen while also managing to make this viewer wish that Franky was written out too. On the plus side, I'm probably the only who doesn't hate Mini/Alo, thinks that Liv has improved quite a bit as a character, not too fussed with Nick and overall finding Alex a rather promising character as well. A mixed bag of episodes but nowhere as bad as the majority of the fourth series offered though.

The Vampire Diaries: With the way this show is so rapid fire, I'm surprised no-one on the writing staff has suffered from whiplash. The last three episodes have been particularly satisfying to watch (Caroline beating the crap out of Damon will never not be entertaining to watch), especially with the introduction of the rather strident Rebekah, Klaus discovering that Elena actually needs to be alive for hybrids to work (oops, Tyler), the arrival/exit of Bill and some vampire hunter fella named Michael. It almost makes Katherine's return and Stefan's continued fall to the dark side look pale by comparison.

- After eight seasons, Hugh Laurie's medical drama House will air it's final episode in April.
- Homeland has promoted both Navid Negahban and David Marciano to regular for the show's second year. Channel 4 will air the series from February 19th.
- John Stamos is confirmed for upcoming FOX series, Little Brother.
- Jessica Tuck will guest appear in Grimm, playing the mother of Claire Coffee's character, Adalind.
- Ellen Barkin will be appearing Ryan Murphy's upcoming NBC series, The New Normal, playing the mother of a surrogate a gay couple are using to have a child with.
- Matt Bomer will be playing Blaine's brother in the 15th episode of Glee's third season and they will be both singing songs from Duran Duran. The show returns to Sky1 on March 1st.
- A US version of Mistresses will air on ABC, due for a summer 2013 broadcast.
- Being Human US has been renewed for a third season, courtesy of SyFy.

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