Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Soap Discussion - February 2012

And here's a soap blog ....

Coronation Street: A better month compared to previous ones, so maybe this show is getting back on form. The fallout of the Frank/Carla/Peter/Leanne storylines have been entertaining enough to watch and after the unwise decision to make Chesney and Katy into parents, at least this show now has the sense to show the consequences of that particular storyline. As for Steve and Tracy's feuding and Julie's unexpected pregnancy, well, it could be worse I suppose.

EastEnders: I know it's petty and Lucy's a cow but I am still loving the fights between her and Whitney and Mandy, it does make for some oddly entertaining TV and we needed that in lieu of the boredom of Whitney/Tyler/Fatboy and Anthony/Amira. Roxy's escalating war with Derek and Jack has been fun but do they really need to have a thing with her and Max? They seem to be hinting towards. The only issue of the month was that we didn't have enough of Janine but I'm sure next month will make up for that.

Emmerdale: Now I actually liked this month. Okay, not the storyline with Debbie and Andy sleeping together but John's death, Val's departure and Megan's arrivals have certainly seen something of an improvement that the show has been needing for the last few months. Oh and there's Ed as well but given that Aaron is not allowed to be happy for more than five minutes, I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Hollyoaks: Great month. After the ups and downs of the Valentine's Day wedding stuff, it's nice that they actually had Darren and Nancy marry and even Cindy wasn't that a big a hindrance to the proceedings in the end. Though I still prefer Cindy to Nancy. Also, coupled with Mercedes increasingly downward spiral, Joel's return, Callum continuing to help George out (and the rest of the Kanes) and the arrival of fit Aussie Ally, this has been a fun month. Though I am wondering if the new dancing plot with Theresa has been done because the actress is in Dancing On Ice?

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