Saturday, February 16, 2013


And here's a look at some of the stuff I've been watching over the last week.

Glee: Well we finally got to the wedding of Will and Emma and needless to say, the event itself didn't exactly pan out so good. In fact, unless you're Will/Emma or Jake/Marley, you had a good time at the wedding. Kurt/Blaine got steamier than usual for this show, Rachel's gotten one hell of a cliche plot and then there's Quinn/Santana as well. I'm not gonna lie - it does feel like a ratings stunt but it was an interesting enough turn of events and far better than Sue being her usual petty self or Tina's inane pursuit of Blaine as well. In terms of songs - the whole Not Getting Married sequence was a work of genius for the show.

My Mad Fat Diary: I hope people are actually watching this one because as a successor to Skins, it's definitely become a rather charming show to watch. The last two episodes have certainly ramped up the intensity of the show as Rae's attempts of keeping her time in hospital seperate from her new friends have seemingly come undone and the slow build up with her and Finn has been interesting to watch. The finale on Monday definitely looks like it'll end the first series on a good note. I hope it gets a second one though.

Nashville: After finding myself incredibly disappointed  with Smash last year and give my general aversion to country music, I wasn't sure about this show but two episodes in - I love it. It's pure, unashamed soap but it's a fun one with interesting enough characters, a great rivalry between the not so vacuous Juliette and the slightly entitled Rayna and the songs are surprisingly catchy enough as well. The political plots with Rayna's husband and father are the weaker parts of the show but other than that, this has definitely become a show worth watching on a Thursday night. Quite fond of Telescope and If I I Didn't Know Better for some reason too.

Once Upon A Time: I loved this episode. I was looking forward to seeing this show's take on Jack And The Beanstalk and like with Ruby's plotline last year, the subversion with Tiny and Jacqueline (nice to see Cassidy Freeman popping up in shows I watch) was brilliant. I guess this means that we've got Tiny as a recurring character now, right? I also found myself enjoying the subplots with Regina back to her scheming ways and Emma, Henry and Gold's trip to New York as well as that mysterious newcomer in town. It's a shame the ratings have been disappointing because this season has been so enjoyable to watch.

The New Normal: I'm still watching this show and I still like it, but again, it does feel like the weakest of Ryan Murphy's current shows on television. However I do like that the show seems to be developing Jane a bit more. She's still an acid tongued bigot at times but she's still interesting to watch and I found myself preferring her over David's mother at times as well. Though I did like seeing David's mother showing her acceptance of Bryan with a rather simple gesture.

Utopia: It's nice that this show is airing on Channel 4 rather than E4. It proves that the channel is capable of taking more risks with genre television and this has certainly been a gripping and rather polemic series. The last two episodes have really upped the tension with virtually every character deceiving or being deceived by others that's really hard to know who we're supposed to be siding with her. Jessica's unhinged but she's currently got the manuscript and Becky seems to be the most clean cut of characters but she's being put into a compromising position. It's going to be interesting to see how the finale will resolve this whole saga.

- Jason Ritter has been cast in the US version of Gavin And Stacey (titled Friends And Family) in the Gavin role. Anyone want to place bets on how many episodes this gets to before cancellation?
- BBC1 will be airing a new thriller called Mayday, starring both Aidan Gillen and Sophie Okonedo over the space of five days from March 3rd-7th.
- SkyAtlantic have bought the rights to Alan Ball's series, Banshee and will premiere it in May.
- BBC2 have cancelled The Hour after two series.
- Fans of Community will be delighted to know that SonyTV will be airing the third season in May.
- Both Ripper Street and Mr Selfridges have been commissioned for second series by BBC1 and ITV.
- The US version of The Bridge, starring Diane Kruger, Demian Bichir, Annabeth Gish, Ted Levine and Matthew Lilliard will air on FX.
- Oliver Jackson-Cohen will be joining NBC's Dracula, playing Jonathan Harker.

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