Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Dates - Upcoming Channel 4 Series

Remember last year BBC1 aired a series called True Love that centred on various relationships and entanglements? I wouldn't blame you if the answer was no, given the crap timeslot/lack of promotion it was given but it seems that Channel 4 are doing their own variation of it.

Dates, created by Skins man Bryan Elsley will focus on two handers centering on various relationships and it seems that the casting for this show has gone underway. Sherlock star Andrew Scott will be playing a Christian called Christian as he's sat across a table from a school teacher named Jenny, played by Mrs Briggs Sheridan Smith. Not the first time these two have played a couple given that they were one in ITV's adaptation of The Scapegoat in 2012.

Other casting includes former Merlin actress, Katie McGrath as well as Game Of Thrones actress Oona Chaplin, True Love's Gemma Chan and Two Pints actor Will Mellor to name a few. I hope that unlike the BBC equivalent, more focus and care is put into this upcoming series and I do hope that given Elsley's previous record with LGBT characters in Skins that this show is able to produce something equally as satisfying.

More Information:

Filming for Dates is currently underway with transmission on Channel 4 due for Summer 2013.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Oona Chaplin, she's great in The Hour.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Yeah, I liked that show but I missed watching the second series. She was also in Sherlock as well, playing one of Watson's girlfriends.