Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Review of Revenge's 2x13: "Union"

Written by Michael Foley And Ted Sullivan
Directed by Wendey Stanzler

Amanda (to Jack): “I would say that I don’t deserve you but if you’ve taught me one thing, it’s that everyone deserves love and hope and security. Without you, I wouldn’t have any of these things.”

It’s the wedding that finally happened and I have to admit that even if Jack and Amanda aren’t the most exciting couple in the world, this was still a rather nice episode for them. I am starting to hope now that when the truth does finally emerge that will be Amanda and not Emily that Jack will end up with but who knows, eh?

Emily did her best this week to put on a brave smile and watch one of the men she loves marry Amanda and while it might not have been the most pleasant of experiences for her, I do think she probably did the right thing in relation to Jack and Amanda. For that alone, my respect for Emily went up a little.

Then there’s also the storylines with Emily and Aiden. I liked that this episode followed up on Aiden being a loose cannon over his allegiance to Emily and his duty to his sister’s death (or not, is Colleen actually dead or what?). Aiden was probably right in anger to doubt Emily’s emotions but it was a little cold of him to abandon her when she was trying to reach out to him.

Of course Aiden ended up coming back to Emily in the end and he even seemed supportive enough when she told him about Daniel wanting to keep his distance her from too. I also got the impression that Aiden was pretty pleased with Daniel’s changing stance with Emily too, though how they’re both going to find another way in with the Graysons is another matter.

Speaking of the Graysons – both Victoria and Conrad made some more questionable choices this week. I think Victoria’s one definitely generated the most attention, given that she killed Helen Crowley after the woman threatened Daniel’s future safety but at the same time, Conrad’s deal with Nate (and ducking out of it) also seems to have caused problems too.

I really don’t care about Nate’s vendetta with the Porters and I’m hoping that by next week, we’ll have confirmation that he’s the mystery body found on Jack’s boat. Also given that he’s about go after Jack and Amanda in a big way, I think it is virtually a safe bet that Nate will be a goner after all.

As for Padma, well, I’ll give this show it’s due. They didn’t waste time in revealing that her only motive for helping find Carrion for the Initiative was due to them holding her father prisoner. I liked that Nolan managed to suss that one out pretty fast and that he also didn’t waste time in confronting Padma about it but can he really trust her?

I do believe that Padma’s feelings for Nolan are genuine but at the same time, the Initiative have her father and Nolan has been duped by them before, so who knows what else they’ll resort to in order to get that bloody programme from Nolan. Also, it’s entirely impossible to believe that Padma may also become a casualty in all of this as well.

Also in “Union”

The flashbacks scenes of Amanda and Jack’s pretend wedding as kids with Sammy and David was rather sweet.

Emily: “In it’s purest form, a union can become the very proof of our essence. When that bond is broken, our essence is forever changed.”

Amanda stole Emily’s laptop and used some footage in order to blackmail Conrad into signing back the Stowaway to Jack. I bet Emily’s gonna love that when she finds out.

David: “The whole world is against me. Victoria, are you there?”
Victoria: “I’m sorry, David, there’s nothing I can do for you. Please don’t call me again.”

Nolan (to Padma): “I know the what, I just can’t figure out the why. So, how’s your father doing these days?”

Helen took some great pleasure in taunting Victoria over David before getting shot by her. I have admit, I was expecting a bigger character death than Helen.

Conrad: “So it has been you all along?”
Amanda: “I haven’t even begun to make you and your family suffer for what they’ve done.”

Aiden: “I’m sorry if I’m not as cold and calculated as you. I can’t turn my feelings off like a flick of a switch.”
Emily: “Is that what you think – that I don’t feel? That I don’t miss my father every single day? That I don’t mourn for the life I could’ve had? But that’s why people like you and me fight because it gives us something to live for when everything else has been taken away. I thought you understood that.”

Standout music: Takka Takka’s “A Bad Sign (Highs & Lows).”

Victoria: “You monster.”
Helen: “Takes one to know one, huh? You know it’ll almost be a shame when I finally have to dispense with you.”

Chronology: A couple of days since “Collusion”.

Maybe it’s the fact that it’s been a while since the last episode but “Union” was easily one of the best ones we’ve had this season. Brilliant dialogue, nice character moments, lovely flashbacks. I guess this is an indicator of the show getting back on track, right?

Rating: 9 out of 10

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