Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crazy Ones - Where Buffy & Mork Meet Up

Yeah, I'm not too big on US sitcoms but it does seem that CBS have a pilot featuring two actors I particularly like.

It seems that Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams will be playing a daughter and father working in the same office in a new show called Crazy Ones. The characters will be working within the advertising world and Political Animals actor James Wolk has also been cast as a potential love interest for Gellar's character as well.

The show so far has only been picked up for a pilot and while it doesn't sound like the most scintillating of series, it will be nice to see Gellar and Williams in a comedy together. I'm also hoping that for the former, it's a success given that Ringer was dropped after one season on the CW. So, are people looking forward to seeing Gellar return to TV again?

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