Monday, February 18, 2013

Doctor Who - More 50th News

With filming for the biopic nicely underway, more spoilers have been unveiled about what people can expect from Mark Gatiss's An Adventure In Space And Time ...

First of all, Lesley Manville has been cast Heather Hartnell, wife to William Hartnell and last week, the Radio Times posted a filming picture of her and David Bradley in character with the couple's dog. I'm not sure how big Manville's role in the biopic will be but it does make sense that we'll be seeing elements of Hartnell's personal life into the mix as well.

More interestingly though is the casting of Reece Shearsmith (League Of Gentlemen, Psychoville) as Patrick Troughton. I'm actually surprised that parts of the biopic will be covering Troughton but I'm certainly pleased and Shearsmith is good casting as well. I'm still wondering if Gatiss himself will actually appear in the biopic too.

Of course one of the biggest news items about the biopic was the recreation of the iconic London scenes from The Dalek Invasion Of Earth as Mark Gatiss was on set for filming of this particular scene. I'm planning to watch that particular story tonight.

Meanwhile for the show itself, it's been confirmed that the 50th anniversary special will be filmed in 3D and will be getting a cinema release. It is also rumoured to be 90 minutes long and will be directed by Nick Hurran who has previously directed the likes of The God Complex and Asylum Of The Daleks. With filming for the special due to begin in April and hints of a Christmas 2013 special, it's nice to finally be getting some concrete information about the show's anniversary year.

Filming With Mark Gatiss:
Biopic News:

Series 7 Part 2 will air on BBC1 from March 30th and the specials will air in November.

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