Saturday, February 09, 2013

An Adventure In Space And Time - More Casting Announced

With the first week of filming for An Adventure In Space And Time completed, further casting has been revealed for the 90 minute biopic.

Relatively unknown actress Claudia Grant has been cast as Carole Ann Ford. Grant's casting was reported by the same agency that is ran by William Hartnell's real life granddaughter, Jessica Carney. Recent filming have also had the sets look like the same sets back in 1963 when the original cast were photographed together as well.

Former Waterloo Road actor Jamie Glover has been cast as William Russell. Glover is the son of both Isla Blair and Julian Glover, both of whom have previously appeared in the Classic Series and the film editor of this 90 minute biopic has been confirmed as Philip Kloss who has previously worked on Tennant era episodes like The Doctor's Daughter and The End Of Time as well as Torchwood.

And for the casting of Jacqueline Hill we have got Jemma Powell, whom most viewers will recognise from things such as Alice In Wonderland and Foyle's War. I have to admit the resemblance that Powell has to Hill is strikingly good. Of course the most interesting casting that has been announced for this biopic is ...

William Russell. Yes, the original Ian Chesterton himself will be appearing in the biopic playing a character named Harry. No further details have been given about his character but this is certainly a massive coup for the special, huh?

More Details:

An Adventure In Space And Time is due to air on BBC2 over the Autumn period.


Anonymous said...

You said William Hartnell where you mean William Russell, in the last paragraph.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Fixed it now.