Thursday, February 28, 2013

Soap Discussion - February 2013

Last post for the blog and it's a soap one ...

Coronation Street: While the show might have been in the papers for worse reasons this month, at least the quality of the programme seems to be in a decent place. Tyrone and Fiz's plan to run off mightn't have gone to plan but at least the outcome of the former's storyline with Kirsty will reach it's conclusion within the next month. More pressing was the show giving Gail yet another reason to get on her high horse of Nick and Kylie and while Gloria continues to be an unlikeable character, the brief appearance of Timothy West as her ill fated lover, Eric was fairly entertaining. The less said about bratty Faye though the better.

EastEnders: Is Alfie Moon really the sort of fella that two women like Kat and Roxy end up scrapping over? Are any of the men in Walford really worth fighting for? This seems to be a theme this month with Zainab and Ayesha over Masood (and both of them left) and Tanya and Kirsty over Max as well. Maybe I'm missing something here. On a creepier note, I knew Phil's attachment to Lexi would go and take a sinister turn and his attempts to sabotage Lola's attempts of being a mum are stretching my patience. I know this show and realism don't go hand in hand but every once in a while it would be nice if the writers at least attempted it.

Emmerdale: The show is getting better, especially given the Edna and Brenda storylines but it does seem like the writers are struggling a bit with Cain and Moira as a couple and I'm not sure if we really needed to have Charity sleeping with Declan but then again, soaps don't like to have couples actually communicate their problems and come up with solutions to both character's actual marriages to Jai and Katie. Still, it's better than Debbie's continuous obnoxious behaviour or Belle's timely teen rebellion.

Hollyoaks: I know I'm going to be unpopular for saying this but I can't actually wait for Brendan to leave. Although there were times this month where I felt bad for him (Kevin's recent claim being one of them), his stories in general have exhausted and tested my patience and when his relationship with Ste isn't going around in circles, then Walker's scheming and Seamus's skulking around has also continued to bore me. On the plus side, Mitzeee got a decent if rushed exit, the consequences of Esther's bullying saga have been dished out and the Osbournes financial woes haven't been too tiresome to watch and I kind of like John Paul and Doug as mates/friends with benefits. Now can we please find out what happened between Jacqui and Trudy before the former leaves next month?

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