Thursday, March 28, 2013

Atlantis - Full Cast Announced

A few weeks ago it was announced that Jemima Rooper, Mark Addy and Robert Emms were cast in the upcoming BBC Saturday show, Atlantis by Howard Overman, Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps but more casting has now been announced for the 13 part show.

Jack Donnelly best known for his role on House Of Anubis has joined the cast. While his role hasn't been confirmed, it's a fairly safe bet to assume he's been cast as the Jason of the piece, along with Aiysha Hart (Honour), also in a role that hasn't been specified.

The latest press release from the BBC in relation to Atlantis has then gone on to confirm both Juliet Stevenson (The Hour) and Sarah Parish, the latter who has previously worked with Murphy and Capps when she guest starred in the second season of Merlin back in 2009. Again, both roles have not been confirmed though.

The show will begin filming in April in both Wales and Morocco as it sets about bringing various Greek myths to life for a modern audience. I have to admit that so far, the casting really has been impressive and while I know there are still people out there lamenting the loss of Merlin, it does look like Atlantis is going to be a suitable successor.

Press Release:

Atlantis will air on BBC1 in the Autumn.

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