Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Doctor Who - Series 7 Part 2 Trailer/New Posters

With less than a fortnight to go, BBC1 and BBCAmerica have finally released new trailers for the second half of Series 7 of Doctor Who and some posters for the first four episodes as well.

First of all, Clara Oswald will become a full time TARDIS member from The Bells Of Saint John onwards but it seems that this modern incarnation of the character is both wary of the Doctor and crap with technology. She's also a target of a sinister wifi soup plot lead by Celia Imrie's Miss Kizlet who has a Client to satisfy. The other interesting thing from the trailers seems to be Clara seemingly aware of her own mystery and the Doctor openly confronting her on it as well.

The Ice Warriors (or at least one of them) is properly back in the season's ninth episode, titled Cold War and it's set on a Russian submarine in 1983. Having seen the pictures released from this episode, it really does look like a faithful take on the Martian creatures and it also seems to be a rather tense and claustrophobic episode as well. Of course, Mark Gatiss has another one up his sleeve as well that will feature Diana Rigg and Rachael Stirling, along with the return of the Paternoster Gang but this Ice Warrior episode does look rather stunning.

As for the Cybermen - Neil Gaiman's episode, titled The Last Cybermen (though that could be subject to be changed) will certainly put both the Doctor and Clara into a tizzy, won't it? Gaiman has said in recent interviews that he intended to make the Cybermen scary again and judging by the clips seen, he could very well succeed with that one.

And here are our finale villains - the Whispermen. Not a whole lot is known about these creatures but it does seem like they're standing over a grave (River's if rumours are true) and more than likely they'll be instrumental in whatever Clara's whole storyline has been as well. Matt Smith has also stated that the finale will lead into the show's 50th anniversary special, which is due to begin filming in April. Other episode titles confirmed for the second half of Series 7 are The Rings Of Akhaten where the Doctor takes Clara on her first planet based story and Hide where our TARDIS duo team up with a psychic and ghost hunting professor to find the Witch of the Well. Both of those episodes are by Neil Cross.

Then there's this moment. The Doctor is in a strange forest and mentions that he's afraid. I'm not entirely sure what episode this moment is from but it does look like it could be from the finale though and possibly a moment that might lead into the 50th. That tree also looks a little familiar too, don't you think?

Series 7 Part 2 BBC1 Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRQu3MvRySA
Series 7 Part 2 BBCA Trailer: http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/03/16/doctor-who-trailer-matt-smith/
Series 7 Part 2 Posters: http://darkestboy.tumblr.com/tagged/doctorwho

Doctor Who Series 7 resumes on BBC1 Saturdays at 6.15pm and BBCAmerica Saturdays at 9pm from March 30th.

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