Saturday, March 16, 2013

Being Human - Top 10 Episodes

With the series finally finished up on BBC3, I thought I'd do a run down of the ten best episodes from the last five series of Being Human.

1: The Last Broadcast (Series 5)

I know it's easy to pick the last ever episode for the top spot but I have watched it enough times to look at it objectively as my choice. Regardless of that ending with Hal, Tom and Alex and whether or not they truly defeated Captain Hatch and became human, it's a superb ending for five brilliant series. I'm still going with the happy option though.

2: The Wolf Shaped Bullet (Series 3)

In some ways, this was truly the beginning of the end for our original cast. After three series, Mitchell got George to do the right thing by staking him in the end. Mitchell wasn't always my favourite character and let's face it, there was no coming back from the Box Tunnel 20 but this was a brilliant exit for the character.

3: Flotsam And Jetsam (Series 1)

Technically this is not the first ever episode for our gang but at the same time, with the original pilot nowhere to be found and most the characters recast from it, this did an excellent job of introducing Mitchell, George and Annie back in the days when the antics took place in a house in Bristol rather than a B&B in Barry and the main threat was of course Herrick.

4: Bad Moon Rising (Series 1)

The first series finale and by far, one of the best the show managed to do. Herrick was taken out in a bloody manner as George was determined to maintain his relationships with Mitchell and Annie but it was Nina who paid for it as well when she managed to get scatched. Plus, Herrick's speech about humanity is one of the best the show's ever done.

5: Damage (Series 2)

Hell hath no fury than two vampires scorned and when they're Mitchell and Daisy, it's best not to be on a train as the Box Tunnel 20 managed to show us. This was a pretty defining moment for Mitchell, sending him on a spiral he couldn't get past but it made for compelling viewing while Annie, George and Nina found themselves further sucked into Kemp's cause.

6: The War Child (Series 4)

If there's one thing this show knows how to do, it's definitely character exits. While Nina might have given an off screen demise and George's was a tad rushed, at least Annie managed to save the world and defeat the Old Ones before getting her final door, though she did also blow up baby Eve as well while Tom and Alex banded together to get Hal off the blood.

7: No Care, All Responsibility (Series 5)

Natasha was one of the best guest characters we've had on the show and while her purpose was largely at the behest of Rook and Hatch to break up the Hal/Tom/Alex trinity, it was still pretty easy to sympathise with her. A rather tense episode, ratcheted further when Alex's initial confrontation with Hatch doesn't pan out in her favour either.

8: Making History (Series 4)

One of the best episodes for the fourth series. Not only did it give us some much needed on Future Eve's overall plot with Annie but it also delved into Hal and Cutler's pretty chequered history together and death proved to only be the beginning for Alex as well. Not so great for Tom though who got nearly tricked into killing innocent people in a nightclub, courtesy of Cutler and there was also Mr Snow's arrival too.

9: Lia (Series 3)

Another beginning of the end moment for Mitchell as his trip into purgatory to get Annie back meant facing up to his recent past with Lia lording it over him. It's also probably significant for Lacey Turner as well, seeing as most of her post EastEnders roles have been in this particular genre. She even went on to star with Cutler in Frankenstein's Wedding but here, she was a needed thorn in Mitchell's side though.

10: All God's Children (Series 2)

An excellent finale for the show's second series with the gang losing Annie to purgatory and getting the heck out of Bristol as well. Kemp and Lucy weren't always the most satisfying of enemies but both of them were given suitable exits in this one.

So those are my Top 10 episodes - what are yours?

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