Saturday, March 30, 2013

Doctor Who - Tennant/Piper Returning For 50th

Well, it's out there and honestly - who didn't see this coming?

With filming beginning on the 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who due to begin on Monday, both the BBC and DWM have leaked that David Tennant and Billie Piper will be reprising their roles as the 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler and it's rumoured that both of them are from the Series 2 version of the show. While I am delighted to see both Tennant and Piper back, I am hoping that the more obsessive Ten/Rose fans don't ruin it for everyone else and that an announcement of other former Doctors and Companions is imminent as well.

Also cast in the 50th is Merlin's very own dragon himself, John Hurt, though his role in the upcoming special hasn't been disclosed. Other casting leaked for the special includes Ken Bones (set to appear in the upcoming series, Atlantis) as the General. Hopefully next week, some more exciting casting is unveiled but hey, exciting times ahead, right?

Press Release:

Doctor Who returns tonight on BBC1 at 6.15pm.

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