Friday, March 01, 2013

Doctor Who - Series 7 Part 2 Begins

It's March and while we have another 29 days until the second half of Doctor Who's seventh series airs, promotion for it has finally come out at least.

The promo picture released here is representing the first episode of the 2013 series called The Bells Of St John. The episode introduces the Doctor to a modern version of Clara (who will be there for the remainder of the series) as well as some sinister creatures living in the wifi, known as the Spoonheads. If you look carefully into the promo pictures you can see them as well as other monsters for the upcoming eight episodes due to air soon.

Also released last night was a promotional picture for the Ice Warriors, who are set to appear in Mark Gatiss's episode with David Warner and Liam Cunningham. It does seem that unlike the Silurians, the redesign for the Ice Warriors hasn't been radically altered, with only some minor tweaks to the overall design. Another thing mentioned in the press release is that the monsters for the finale are creatures called the Faceless Ones. Now, why does that sound so familiar?

Elsewhere, the last week of filming for biopic An Adventure In Space And Time has come and it's been revealed that Sophie Hoult has been cast as Dodo Chaplet actress, Jackie Lane. Other cast members who have been confirmed for the biopic include Sam Hoare (Dancing On The Edge) as Douglas and David William Bryan as well as Nicholas Briggs voicing the Daleks as well. Also it seems that John Barrowman has been in talks to be appearing in the 50th anniversary special, according to an interview he did today on This Morning.

Series 7 Part 2 Press Release:
Biopic News:

Series 7 of Doctor Who resumes airing from March 30th on BBC1.

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