Monday, October 21, 2013

Doctor Who - 50th Anniversary Trailer

The Doctor: I've been running all my lives through time and space.

You wait ages for a trailer for the 50th anniversary episode, The Day Of The Doctor and while BBC1 decide not to air one with actual clips, the alternative is a lot of fun. Basically, it's the 11 Doctors in one trailer, though some are more prominent than others.

The trailer managed to recreate certain segments of An Unearthly Child with the policeman, Totter's Lane and the First Doctor with various objects from subsequent eras but trying to spot the Second Doctor is slightly harder as well as the Seventh incarnation, which took some doing in parts.

Quite prominent for another Classic Series Doctor was of course, the Fourth Doctor himself who is seen falling quite epically during the airing of the trailer. Above him seems to be a sign saying 'No More' though what that means exactly, I'm not too sure. Also featured a fair bit are Daleks and Cybermen but that's only to be expected really.

One of the most memorable shots in the trailer is of course the shot of Sarah Jane and K9. The former is also holding a globe featuring both the Third Doctor and the Master dueling in the former's TARDIS while in the background are also more Daleks, Cybermen, a Sea Devil and Big Ben of course before it segued into ...

Clara of course. Being the main companion along with Rose for the anniversary episode itself, it makes sense that Clara would feature prominently in the trailer and it's a rather nice shot of the character with her leaf blowing in the background as well and a reflection of Sarah Jane in the globe that she's holding onto. It also should be noted that Rose's voice is actually heard in the trailer as well.

Then there's a big shot that not only has blink and you'll miss it appearances from both Rose and Amy, but also the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Doctors as well as the Tenth Doctor featuring pretty prominently as well as D84 Robots, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Daleks, Ood, Bessie, a Sontaran Capsule and the Racnoss to name a few of the many things to spot.

Last but by no means, it's the Eleventh Doctor himself and he's talking about the things done in The Name Of The Doctor and counting down the anniversary himself. In the background we see The Key To Time segments, various screwdrivers (including the Master's), the Shard, a cricket ball, Gallifreyan writing amongst the many of things. It's an extremely clever trailer that manages to capture a lot from the last 50 years in the space of a minute. For a better look at some of the things featured, I'm going to link a page that analyses it better than me. Overall, this is a sublime way of kicking off the promotion for the anniversary episode.

50th Anniversary Trailer:

The Day Of The Doctor airs on November 23rd on BBC1. Series 7 is released on DVD from October 28th.

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