Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Misfits - Series 5 First Look (Spoilers)

It's previous season might not have been something to write home about and it's creator might be currently exploring the world of Atlantis but next week and for six final episodes, Misfits is back for a fifth and final series and the promotion is kicking off for it at the moment.

So, what do we know about the last series at the point? Be warned, there are spoilers here.

- The final series will commemorate the first year since the storm and open on the eve of it. Yes, five series of this show have taken place in the space of a year. Reminds me of another show.
- Howard Overman has admitted we won't be getting any new regulars - just Alex, Rudy, Finn, Jess and Abby then.
- Rudy will be involved in a support group for those with super powers.
- Alex has a rather rude (supposedly) new ability that we discover earlier on in the series after his operation. I hope gaining a likeable personality is a part of it this series.

- We will learn more about Jess and why she was made to do community service this series. Her relationship with Abby will also take an interesting turn this series as well.
- Abby's mysterious past will be revealed early in the series and her and one of the Rudy's will bond a bit more too.
- Finn will be possessed by Beelzebub and it will be up to Jess to save him in her own rather unique way.
- A woman can knit the future into a sweater, a character can turn into a turtle and someone else can shag powers away and there's a rival gang with better powers who will become more prominent as the series progresses.

I have to admit that while this show's best days are probably gone and that ending it with a fifth year (as the BBC did with both Merlin and Being Human in recent times) is a wise idea, it does seem like Overman's knack for the absolute bonkers and lewd certainly won't mellow in the show's final hours. I am rather looking forward to this final year a bit more now.

Press Release/Series 5 Trailer:

Misfits fifth and final series airs Wednesdays at 10pm on E4 from October 23rd.

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