Tuesday, October 08, 2013

My Review of Revenge's 3x02: "Sin"

Written by Joe Fazzio
Directed by John Scott

Emily (to Conrad): “I’ve always believed in the natural balance of things.”

It’s so nice that after last season that the writers really are going out of their way to get things back on track and the fact that we’re focusing on Emily’s red sharpie antics means that we get a different type of story this week.

We’ve seen plenty of people get what they deserve for contributing to David Clarke’s downfall and the odd one here and there showing some traces of guilt for it. Mason was one of them in his own slippery way and Paul Whitley turned out to be another. However Paul also turning out to be a priest was something of a surprise.

This episode could’ve gone down the predictable route of having Paul’s religious calling being a front but through the episode, his desire to atone for his actions actually were genuine and it was a bigger surprise that Emily ended the episode by actually regretting getting her revenge on him.

I think this also lead to the interesting point of Nolan’s as well – Emily needs to assess each of her targets. Paul might have played a role in destroying her father’s life but he proved to be a good man with his present actions and I liked that Emily seemed determined to atone for striking him down as well as using him to get Conrad to confess as well. I don’t imagine the latter will work out so well for her though.

Getting to Conrad though – I am loving that Emily is determined to make him suffer by playing with his health this season. It’s even better to watch when she charms him with a basket of Nolan’s muffins and has deep conversations with him inside a church of all places as well. Basically the more one on one interactions we get with Emily and Conrad this season, the better as far as I’m concerned.

This wasn’t really Conrad’s episode though. His attempts of spiting Victoria and undermining Patrick at dinner backfired on him and Charlotte ended up turning on him after Jack let her know about Conrad’s part in Declan’s death. This might all be deliberate to let him play into Emily’s hands all the more but it’s certainly satisfying to watch as a viewer though.

Another thing that was satisfying to watch was Emily and Nolan’s scenes in this episode. She might not have liked him for reading her the riot act on her vendetta towards Paul but she learned something from it and at least apologised to him as well. It’s just too bad that she seems to be unaware of Aiden switching teams and that Charlotte no longer trusts her as well.

Charlotte’s hostility towards Emily did seem a little rushed in this episode but I suppose it’s a way of setting her up as a future suspect in a certain shooting while Aiden’s new alliance with Victoria is genuinely confusing. Is Aiden really that mad for being cast aside by Nolan and Emily or is he really just playing a long game with Victoria? Right now, it does seem rather hard to fully guess, doesn’t it?

Also in “Sin”

Daniel is now working for Margaux’s magazine and she tried to seduce. Contrary to what she told Daniel, I have a feeling Margaux will try it again.

Victoria: “Trust is difficult without proof.”
Aiden: “Then you’ll have it.”

It was smart of Emily to leave her Infinity Box at Nolan’s. The fact that Aiden could’ve given it to Victoria was a bit worrying, wasn’t it?

Emily: “Not even learning names now?”
Nolan: “Less mess, especially after my PTSD.”

Daniel: “What a coincidence.”
Father Paul: “I don’t believe much in coincidences.”
Emily: “I couldn’t agree more father.”

Nolan learning to bake muffins in prison, sleeping with a fit bloke and his interaction with Victoria were priceless this episode. She knows who bought Nolan his house.

Nolan: “If you can’t forgive Paul, how do you expect to be forgiven?”
Emily: “I don’t.”

Patrick (to Victoria): “”Never doubt those instincts of yours, they’re always spot on.”

I quite like the fact that Patrick seems to be somewhat wary of Emily. I think there’s some good story potential there as well because of that. Jack and Emily also spoke in the same spot where they met in the “Pilot” in this episode.

Nolan: “I dabble.”
Victoria: “In many things no doubt, some quite possibly unforgiveable.”

Conrad (re Patrick): “Who’s this?”
Charlotte: “Our brother.”

Standout music: Camera Obscura’s “Do It Again”.

Emily: “I brought you into this because I thought you loved my father.”
Nolan: “I do love him. I also love his daughter and I want to protect her.”

Chronology: A few days since “Fear”.

“Sin” was certainly some good old fashioned fun that the show produced nicely in it’s early days. I liked that Paul’s story put Emily into a bit of a dilemma and the writing this season has certainly felt a lot sharper and more concentrated.

Rating: 9 out of 10.

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