Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Review of Revenge's 3x04: "Mercy"

Written by Karin Gist
Directed by J. Miller Tobin

Jack: “I’m not gonna just sit around and let Conrad get away with murder.”
Emily: “Let me deal with him.”
Jack: “We can fight or we can get to work. I’m not going anywhere.”

I have to admit this was the first episode this season where I actually liked Jack. Not only did he relent a little with Emily but he also actively tried to help her with taking down Conrad and actually managed to be useful in the process. I think this is a side to Jack that I can appreciate a little more after all.

Granted for all the good that Jack tried to accomplish in this episode by trying to prove that Conrad played a part in Father Paul’s death, it was undermine by the fact that the car had been tampered with and also by Aiden letting his jealousy get in the way at the end of the episode.

I’m not sure if I’m enjoying Aiden as much this season as I did in the last one. It’s nice that he still wants to help Emily and even advised her against doing anything rash but at the same time, framing Jack for tampering with Conrad’s car would definitely imply that he might have been the one responsible for it after all.

When it comes to plans, it seems that this episode was the one where they fell apart for Emily. Not only did Conrad survive being killed and change his mind on confessing his sins but he also managed to cotton onto the fact that he didn’t really have Huntington’s after all. Of course, what the episode didn’t make clear was who he suspected of drugging him in the first place. I don’t think it’s Emily that will be in the firing line for this one though.

Speaking of Emily, this really wasn’t her episode at all. None of her love interests actually listened to a word she said to her. Jack defied her by helping her with the investigation, Aiden defied her by framing Jack and Daniel himself defied her by moving out of their home after she spilled the beans about his drunken past in the write up of his magazine launch.

Also thinking about it, Nolan defied her too this week by putting his assistance aside and actually investigating Patrick before kissing him towards the end of the episode this week. I’m guessing from the ex-wife and Patrick initiating the kiss that his sexuality isn’t clear cut but despite seeing a more scheming side to Patrick this week, I am kind of hoping that he isn’t going to be using Nolan. We already covered that ground with Tyler and even Padma over the last two seasons.

As for Patrick and Victoria, I am finding their interactions more and more interesting. I noticed that he did seem pretty jealous every time Victoria mentioned that Daniel and Charlotte needed her and I have a feeling that will intensify in later episodes as well. On the plus side, their plot to steal a gallery from Sheila was actually a lot of fun. It gave Patrick a little bit of backbone and also had Victoria at her bitchy best too.

Also in “Mercy”

Charlotte’s attitude towards Emily seemed to vary in this episode but I like that she seemed suspicious of Jack’s relationship with Emily though.

Patrick (to Victoria): “You have everything to change your life right now in this room.”

Sheila was a fun guest character but it might have been a little more effective had we known her for longer before Victoria scammed her out of a gallery.

Patrick: “I know when I’m not welcome.”
Emily: Yeah, the Graysons tend to close ranks in moments like these.”

Conrad: “You’re my guardian angel, Emily. Where else would I be without you?”

Nolan gave into his technological urges in this episode to investigate Patrick. I’m curious to know what else the ex-wife had to say on him.

Daniel: “You walk out that door, I’m not gonna be here when you get back.”
Emily: “Then don’t forget to turn off the alarm.”

Jack (to Emily): “So either I get to tell this truth or the other one. Your call.”

Daniel lying to the police about Conrad to save his own face and new career just further proved that he’s no different to his parents.

Aiden: “I didn’t do it. I came back here to help you finish this your way.”
Emily: “Okay.”

Standout music: Lost Loader’s “Cold Feet”.

Patrick: “That was a bit presumptuous.”
Nolan: “I’m sorry. I just thought you turned up at my party ...”

Chronology: From where “Confession” left off.

“Mercy” was probably the weakest of the episodes we’ve had this season so far but still, it was an interesting one. Emily’s plans do seem to be going south so far this season and Conrad’s moment of human decency deserted him pretty fast too. I’m still not sure if Aiden and Charlotte’s roles this season are working either as well.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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