Thursday, October 31, 2013

Soap Discussion - October 2013

Last blog of the month so here's a look at the month in soaps folks.

Coronation Street: A great month for the show. It was nice to see David get a bit of a comeuppance for nearly killing Nick and to finally have all of that stuff out in the open. Of course, Roy and Hayley were still the highlight of the month and their story continues to be poignant and heartbreaking to watch. As for the return of Liz and the rivalry between Tina and Tracey, not bad plot wise but not overly compelling to watch either if I'm being honest.

EastEnders: A dull month, except for Michael and Alice's ludicrous scheming to bump off Janine, which will thankfully be done with by tonight's episode. Aside from that, Jack left Ronnie, Roxy and Alfie continue to be unconvincing as a couple, Sharon's demon child Denny is annoying and to be honest, I just struggled to care about any real plot this month. I suppose David's return has been entertaining though.

Emmerdale: I think this was a great month for the show. With Cameron's whole siege at the Woolpack, it's no wonder that this show is beating other soaps in the ratings at the moment. Those episodes alone were the show at it's best and some of the other subplots came together nicely as well. The recent tribute to Alan Turner as well was another great moment for the soap that seems to be flying high at the moment.

Hollyoaks: I like a good death as much as the next person but between the week of the explosion and Hollyoaks Later itself, perhaps too many characters were killed off too quickly though. On the plus side, at least most of this month was great to watch. However I do feel the show needs to lay off the sensationalism just a tiny bit though. At the moment the show is awash with it.

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