Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Review of Revenge's 3x03: "Confession"

Written by Sallie Patrick
Directed by Matt Earl Beesley

Conrad: “Thanks for the memento, sweetheart.”
Victoria: “Oh, I will give you more than that, darling.”

You have to hand it to Emily – had things gone a lot differently in this episode, her mission would’ve been complete. She had succeeded in getting Father Paul to get Conrad to confess to the authorities and then we got a car crash where one of them ended up dead (I presume) and the other pretty injured.

Some people speculated that Victoria might have had something to do with the crash but considering that she wouldn’t have had enough time to act, it must be Conrad’s cocktail of drugs that ended up causing him to lose control of the car. Along with Paul’s life, Emily’s chances of Conrad actually doing the right thing pretty much went up in flames here as well.

I thought this was a great episode for Conrad as a character. Only a few times have we seen him show some kind of remorse for his actions with David Clarke and through his scenes with both Emily and Father Paul did it seem like he was going to end up doing the decent thing. Emily got so close with finishing her avenging here but I guess it would’ve been a little too easy had things actually panned out.

Speaking of panning out though, I did like that this episode made it abundantly clear that Aiden was actually on Emily’s side after all. Of course, that was pretty much given away during their rather staged argument in front of Victoria and Daniel at Nolan’s housewarming party but their brief scene on the beach was a nice confirmation nonetheless.

I’m not entirely sure what Aiden was playing at this week though. He showed up with Victoria and publicly argued with Emily could’ve scuppered the latter’s plans but yet his turnaround on who exactly took Victoria’s money could’ve easily made Victoria suspicious of him as well. In other words, I think Aiden was pretty much skating on thin ice here.

Of course with Aiden back in the frame, this episode also nicely examined Daniel’s jealousy towards Emily’s feelings for Aiden as well. Actually while Daniel technically has a right to be suspicious of Emily, I actually found him quite annoying throughout this episode, not just with his attitude towards Emily but also towards Margaux as well if I’m being honest.

In some ways this was a better episode for Margaux as a character. I liked that she was interested in learning more about Nolan and that she refused to be bossed about by Daniel too. I also didn’t mind her scenes with Jack, even if the latter clearly seemed to use her in order to make Emily jealous as well.

Last but not least – Nolan and Patrick were interesting too. I definitely think the writers might go there with the two of them and with both Emily and Victoria’s rivalry becoming more public, it could actually be interesting to see how both Nolan and Patrick are tested as well. Patrick claimed that he wasn’t interested in Victoria and Emily’s war with each other but I have a feeling he was protesting a little much to be honest.

Also in “Confession”

While Nolan’s sailor outfit looked a little naff, I did like the fact that he wore a t-shirt with a picture of his own mug shot on it. There’s a selfie for you.

Emily (to herself): “Because if death doesn’t kill you, our demons will.”

I knew the scene where Charlotte stabbed Conrad with a letter opener was going to be a nightmare. She’s still being hostile to Emily as well.

Father Paul: “Forgive me, father for I have sinned.”
Emily: “Trust me, I’m well aware. I’m willing to give you my forgiveness, something I’ve never given anyone but you’re gonna have to earn it.”

Margaux: “You live at a bar? I thought I was desperate to escape my family.”
Charlotte: “Well Jack and Carl are my family actually.”

Margaux’s magazine is called Voulez. I thought I had mentioned it before but it seems I didn’t.

Emily: “Oh, there’s so much you don’t know about me.”
Victoria: “Oh, I’m learning more and more each day.”

Father Paul: “Have you ever considered turning yourself in for your crimes?”
Conrad: “Why the hell would I do that? I’m almost home free.”

Patrick doesn’t seem to like either swans or Emily and he noticed that Nolan bought a certain painting as well.

Nolan: “I had no idea who you were, trust me.”
Patrick: “My mother warned me not to trust you.”
Nolan: “And yet here you are.”

Standout music: Lorde’s “Royals” and MS MR’s “Bones”.

Victoria (to Aiden, re Emily): “Together we are going to unravel and destroy that little bitch.”

Chronology: Seemingly around six days since the events of “Sin”.

Another extremely well done episode. “Confession” didn’t grip me as much as the first two but it certainly wasn’t a boring hour either with Emily’s mixture of fortunes and failures this week. I think this show really has gotten it’s groove back this year.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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