Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Sherlock - Best/Worst Bits

Following The Backlot’s best/worst list in relation to Sherlock, I decided to do my own one, so here it is - my best and worst bits from the hit series …

Best Things
1: Sherlock/Watson dynamic. They’re friends, nothing more. Regardless of what certain shippers like to think.
2: Moriarty being a great villain. He really was and I'll kind of miss not seeing Andrew Scott in Series 3.
3: The show’s knack for a solid cliffhanger.
4: Irene Adler - maybe more for Lara Pulver’s performance than the actual characterisation.
5: Molly, Lestrade, Mycroft and Mrs Hudson. All excellent supporting character, though it took me a while to warm to Mycroft.

Worst Things

1: Spacing between series. I have a feeling at some point this show is going to end up like Jonathan Creek.
2: Fans who go about about Moffat’s writing being shit on Doctor Who and yet act like it’s better on Sherlock. There’s not much difference in the writing for both shows.
3: The Johnlock fans who insist on their ship being real. I’m gay and I don’t ship them or care that they (Watson mainly) get female love interests.
4: Irene being written as a gay character when it made no fucking sense to the story she was in.
5: The middle episodes usually being the dull ones. Sorry but they do lack compared to the opening and final episodes of each series.

Sherlock Series 3 will air soon on BBC1.

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