Wednesday, October 08, 2014

My Review of Revenge's 4x02: "Disclosure"

Written by Joe Fazzio
Directed by Kenneth Fink

Charlotte (to Emily): “Goodnight sis.”

Okay, I wasn’t expecting that. I knew with nearly everyone else being privy to whom Emily really was by now that of course Charlotte would find out but I didn’t expect it to be in this episode. I actually thought it would’ve been left for the sweeps episode but what the hey, right?

So, how did Charlotte take the news about her former sister in law being her actual sister? Not very well, which by now we all know is Charlotte’s default setting. I expected the rant about choosing revenge over embracing family and actually agreed with it but then Charlotte hit a new low this week.

I get that she’s pissed off with Emily lying to her for so long but knocking her out and leaving her to burn in the Stowaway was a bitch move on her part. I think the annoying thing that despite the fact Emily will of course survive being nearly burned alive, Charlotte will suffer no actual consequence for her murder attempt on her sister. Unless Emily decides to initial some tough love and I certainly hope that she does.

For a lot of people, this episode probably wasn’t the most enjoyable because of all the focus that Charlotte got in this episode. Even before her little murder attempt, we had to endure scenes of her whining over Gideon cheating on her (aside from Declan, Charlotte continues to show bad judgement with blokes) and that almost laughable suicide attempt.

The thing is a few seasons ago, I would’ve felt bad for Charlotte but I ended up being more disappointed that Emily didn’t push her off the balcony and spared us more of Charlotte’s whinging. When are the writers going to realise that Charlotte in either ‘woe is me’ or superbitch doesn’t work because Christa B. Allen cannot pull either off with any real conviction? It’s an overdue lesson by now.

Speaking of lessons, I will praise both Daniel and Margaux this week by banding together and getting rid of Gideon. Planting drugs on him was a smart enough move and if we never ever have to see the character again, then at least Daniel will have done one decent thing in the last while. As for his renewed partnership with Margaux, that I’m less bothered about. In general, both of those characters seem disconnected from the important plot strands of the season so far.

Getting back to the important bits, the David and Victoria scenes were such a mixed bag. At least unlike Victoria’s other lovers (Conrad excluded and is it wrong that I miss him?), the chemistry with her and David is solid but I don’t like the idea of David buying into her bullshit so readily and I already hate that Victoria is setting him against Emily. I really hope there’s going to be a reveal that David is actually double crossing Victoria and is far savvier than he’s letting on, otherwise this plot is going to disappoint a lot.

Also in “Disclosure”

Nolan has had fuck all to do this season of real interest. This worries me, especially when characters like Gideon have gotten more to do.

Nolan: “I don’t like being on the defensive.”
Emily (re Victoria): “Then find her and I’ll end this for good.”

I noticed there was no opening or closing narration in this episode.

David: “This isn’t a dream, Victoria.”
Victoria: “But you were murdered. I’ve seen your grave.”
David: “This is my grave.”

Emily: “I’m your sister, Charlotte. I’m Amanda.”

Another thing that Charlotte did to annoy me – smashing the Infinity box. Right now, that means only Daniel, Margaux and David are the only main characters left to know that Emily is Amanda Clarke.

Charlotte (to Emily): “You spent three years fighting for a family that was right in front of you and instead of embracing me, you used me and lied to me.”

Ben’s interest in Emily isn’t coming across particularly well. I did like that Jack told him to back off a bit though.

Victoria: “What have you done?”
David: “I killed Conrad.”

Emily (to Nolan): “Charlotte was right. I chose revenge over her.”

Standout music: “Up In Flames” by Icon For Hire.

Daniel (re Gideon): “You got rid of him first.”
Margaux: “I didn’t have a choice.”

Chronology: From where “Renaissance” left off.

This wasn’t the most exciting of episodes and that is a shame because between Charlotte finally knowing who Emily really is and the Victoria/David stuff, this should’ve been a far stronger episode than it was.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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