Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ryan Murphy's Other TV Projects

With The Normal Heart bagging plenty of awards, American Horror Story's fourth season currently airing on TV and Glee's sixth and final season waiting in the wings, it seems like Ryan Murphy won't be resting on his laurels just yet as I round up news on his other television projects.

Open: Bad news first. This show starring the likes of Anna Torv, Scott Speedman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Michelle Monaghan will not be running after all. It was announced a while ago that HBO decided not to pick the series up, though they had wanted to redevelop the pilot. Of course with one new show not happening, at least two others will be.

American Crime Story: Enjoying the success of American Horror Story, FX have branched out with Murphy on another anthology series, this time focusing on real life crimes. The first season of this show, due for next year will comprise of 10 episodes focusing on the OJ Simpson case. While television is already overcrowded with crime dramas than it knows what to do with, I'm somewhat intrigued by this one. Filming will begin next year on this one.

Scream Queens: To be honest, this upcoming FOX series just sounds like a mash-up of Glee and American Horror Story (milder than the latter too I imagine) with Murphy, Falchuk and Brennan banding together on a comedy-horror anthology series that will have two different female leads every season. It'll debut in Fall 2015 with a 15 episode first season. Out of the two projects actually in productions, it's probably the one I will end up watching.

Open News:
American Crime Story News:
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Both Scream Queens and American Crime Story will debut on FOX and FX respectively in 2015. I'll post more information (casting etc) when it becomes available.

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