Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Review of Revenge's 4x03: "Ashes"

Written by Alex Taub
Directed by Colin Bucksey

Victoria (to Emily): “I owe you so much more than a quick death. Buckle up, sweetheart.”

Well, this wasn’t a very exciting episode, was it? Victoria might think she sounded bad ass with that threat to Emily but if anything, it just served as another reminder of how unjustified her quest for vengeance against Emily really is. Another comeuppance for Victoria can’t come soon enough to be honest.

In this episode alone, she was especially annoying – first with over praising Charlotte and making it look like the latter was the one to exonerate David while at the same time, continuing to paint Emily as a menace – one that David almost tried to kill as well for good measure.

Of course on top of that, we also had to see Victoria begging for money – first to Daniel, which failed as he’s broke and then to Margaux, which succeeded because the latter foolishly bought into Victoria’s claims of affection for her. I like Margaux but every time she’s in a scene with Daniel or Victoria nowadays, it’s like the poor woman’s intelligence goes out the window, which I’m less fond.

As for David trying to kill Emily – it was the lamest would be assassination attempt the show has done but I want to believe David’s hesitance came from hopefully realising that Emily was actually Amanda. If he could recognise Charlotte as his daughter from just her eyes, then hopefully he did the same here with Emily.

Speaking of Emily, I was really disappointed with her this week. I get that she feels bad about Charlotte being lied to and all that, but I really disliked Charlotte ended up suffering no consequences for her arson of the Stowaway and attempted murder of her half-sister. Part of the reason why Charlotte is the way she is that she’s never suffered some true consequences and both Jack and Nolan were right to call Emily out on not wanting to drop Charlotte in it.

As for Daniel – aside from his meeting with Victoria, it’s almost like he exists on a different show nowadays. I honestly couldn’t care less that he’s unemployable and the fact that Louise (having been spurned by Victoria) was able to play him so easily just proved that he’s even more of an idiot than before. I’m not really sure what to make of Louise either, character wise.

Also in “Ashes”

So the police probably suspect that the Stowaway burning down is the result of arson but are happy to believe the bad wiring excuse from Jack? Only in the land of television.

David: “What about Emily Thorne? What if she finds you first?”
Victoria: “She better hope she doesn’t.”

Margaux’s hair looked a little better in this episode. It’s still not her best look but she’s the only other likeable female character outside of Emily though.

Victoria (re Emily): “Don’t you worry. That pathological creature is going to get what she deserves.”
Charlotte: “And what about me? Will I?”

Emily (to Charlotte): “I know you’re in a bad place and it’s a place I helped put you in but I want you to know whether you believe me or no, I am truly sorry.”

Ben: “You’re not ever gonna want company, are you?”
Emily: “Probably not.”

Emily turned down Ben’s pretty bad attempt of asking her out. I’m not sure I actually like Ben, something seems off with him, character wise.

Emily (re Carl): “He thought the world of you.”
Jack: “That’s why he didn’t want me to have it.”

Standout music: Nothing really stood out for me this week.

Louise: “Wanna ponder life in deep silence? Find a cave.”
Daniel: “That’s good advice.”

Chronology: From where “Disclosure” left off.

It wasn’t awful but at the same time, “Ashes” wasn’t anything to write home about either. I guess there’s this feeling that this show really should end now because after David and Emily are reunited, where else can it go? It also didn’t help that this episode felt a bit too paint by the number as well for its own good.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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