Thursday, October 30, 2014

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Freak Show - Edward Mordrake Part 2

The second part of our Halloween special and once again, this managed to be quite the episode with a few notable deaths and some surprising character backstories.

Written by Jennifer Salt
Directed by Howard Deutch

I Was A Good Clown: Twisty got the most interesting backstory of the episode and arguably the most tragic as well. The reveal of him being a rather dimwitted clown whom the freaks falsely accused of being a paedophile along with a botched suicide attempt (hence the jaw) and the fact that he wanted to do well by kids was surprisingly powerful stuff. Kudos for a fantastic backstory but at the same time, his death at the hands of Edward Mordrake wasn't so shocking when you think about it. It was however still effective though and with one dangerous clown taken out of the equation, there's always room for another.

You Ruined My Halloween: With Twisty now dead, someone has to scare the bejesus out of the Jupiter residents and Dandy seemed more than happy to take on the role. He had no problem kidnapping Jimmy and Maggie in this episode and even tried to saw the latter in half before receiving a well deserved punch from Jimmy. More to the point when he realised that Twisty was no longer alive, he took both his jawline and his homicidal tendencies as well. Much as I liked Dora as a character, it was obvious that she was going to end up becoming one of Dandy's first victims and the last minute of this episode. It's a shame to see her go and Gloria certainly better watch out as well now that her spoiled son has a taste for murder.

Snuff Movie: The best thing about this episode was giving us something of an insight into some of Elsa's troupes past, courtesy of Mordrake scouting for another soul to join his own troupe. While Mordrake was too charmed by Pepper and her friend's innocent playing to ask for their backstories, we did find out more about Paul the animated seal and Legless Suzy, but it was Elsa's past that was more interesting. I loved that Mordrake ripped through her delusions of grandeur to find out that she was a dominatrix in Germany who ended up having her legs cut off during the making of a snuff movie. A part of me was surprised that Elsa wasn't taken by Mordrake but I was also annoyed that her hubris came back again when Stanley showed up at the camp and pretended that he was a talent scout. I guess she's going to be in for some fall in later episodes.

Hero Of The Hour: Well, that award fell to Jimmy. He did save Maggie from being chopped in half by Dandy and also got everyone else to flee from Twisty. I didn't mind that the police and locals believed that he killed Twisty, mainly because he told Elsa the real story and also because in general, he's a fairly decent guy. I do think he's a little too taken in with Maggie though, so hopefully in the next few episodes he wises up to her and also finds a better way of getting back at Dell too.

Soul Claimer: So far we've seen Mordrake interact with Ethel, Elsa, Pepper and her friend, Legless Suzy and Paul before he claimed Twisty's soul. I get the impression that like Papa Legba from Coven that he's going to show up again and claim a few more souls, probably around the time we get to the finale. As for the rest of the episode, Bette and Dot got demoted in the performing hierarchy, Desiree dealt with a child's curiosity with sassy humour, Ethel was nowhere to be seen (or was she?) and Dell looked like he had a slapped arse on him.

Next week, a lot of screaming, Matt Bomer looking like an extra from Grease and pink cupcakes.

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