Friday, October 31, 2014

The Simpsons - Top 5 Best Treehouse Of Horror Episodes

So, today is Halloween and while I'm hardly the first person to do a list of my favourite Treehouse Of Horror episodes from The Simpsons, I have however decided just to pick my five favourites.

1: Treehouse Of Horror I

In some ways the first one of these (from the show's second season) was by far it's best with a trio of wonderful instalments - Bad Dream House, Hungry Are The Damned and The Raven. Out of the three, they're all great but it's the last one that truly stood out with Bart being his most malevolent as the creepy raven of the piece, tormenting Homer.

2: Treehouse Of Horror VIII

From the ninth season, I always found this one rather underrated. The stories here - The HΩmega Man, Fly Vs Fly and Easy Bake Coven are delightfully bonkers tales. Bart becoming a fly was well executed along with a zombie infected Springfield and it certainly felt plausible that from centuries past Marge and her sisters would be dangerous witches too.

3: Treehouse Of Horror IV

Four stories from this particular episode - Wraparounds, The Devil And Homer Simpson, Terror at 5½ Feet and Bart Simpson's Dracula. All of them brilliant but it's really the second and last one that are the true standouts from this particular episode.

4: Treehouse Of Horror XVIII

Probably the most recent of ones to make my Top 5 (from the nineteenth season), the trio of stories here are superb. Whether it's a hostile alien invasion with ET Go Home, a certain movie parodied in Mr & Mrs Simpson or Ned Flanders being given the ability to scare the living daylights out of Bart, Lisa, Nelson and Millhouse in Heck House, they're all great here.

5: Treehouse Of Horror XVI

From the seventeenth season, you've got Bart replaced with a robot son in B.I.: Bartificial Intelligence, Mr Burns going on a hunting spree in Survival Of The Fattest and the best of the bunch - the residents of Springfield being cursed by a witch into becoming their Halloween costumes in I've Grown A Costume To Your Face. While the last one was a storyline previously done on Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the results here are still hilarious to watch.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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