Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Family Guy/American Dad/The Cleveland Show - Top 10 Christmas Episodes

Now that today is Christmas Eve, I thought I'd do a list of the ten best Christmas episodes from Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show.

1: Road To The North Pole (Family Guy)

A glorious two parter where David Boreanaz shone brighter than his days on both Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel and Brian and Stewie are tasked to save Christmas upon realising the stress it's taken on Santa Claus himself. Also Christmas Time Is Killing Us among the musical moments of the two parter.

2: For Whom The Sleigh Bell Tolls (American Dad)

Never give Steve Smith a gun. It only results in Santa being shot and manning a mission to murder the Smith clan in the bloodiest Christmas episode Seth McFarlane has ever produced. It's probably also one of the best episodes from the Smiths as well to boot.

3: A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas (Family Guy)

The first Christmas special we got and one that I've enjoyed seeing no matter the time of the year. Whether it's Peter wanting to watch a Christmas special featuring Santa and Kiss or Stewie determined to be nice to get some plutonium, it's all good - more so when Lois loses the plot within the last five minutes as well.

4: Season's Beatings (American Dad)

Stan got ex-communicated from the church after giving Roger a probably deserved beating while Hayley and Jeff adopted the antichrist in another joyfully ridiculous Christmas themed episode. Also Steve being possessed managed to churn out some great moments too.

5: The Best Christmas Story Never Told (American Dad)

The one known where Stan messes up pretty bad and the US is taken over by Russia during the holiday period. Not to mention the fact that Stan took great exception to no-one using the word Christmas and his resentment towards Jane Fonda and later Donald Sutherland later came to light. Also the delight of Roger making money of disco music.

6: Die Semi-Hard (The Cleveland Show)

It's a Die Hard spoof. For that alone it was always going to be a contender for this list. However, I don't think Cleveland will be giving John McClane a run for his money any time soon though.

7: Minstrel Krampus (American Dad)

With various episodes featuring/factoring in Santa (including this one too), it was time for Krampus to make an appearance when Steve's bratty behaviour becomes even more annoying than usual. Turns out that Krampus is actually good for kids and Santa not so much. Also the episode gave us an interesting redemption story of sorts for Jack too.

8: Jesus, Mary & Joseph (Family Guy)

I'm surprised it took McFarlane to give us a version of The Nativity and this one was rather interesting, even if yet again in a special episode Meg is relegated to a less flattering role (the donkey of course). Certainly a fun version of a classic story.

9: Christmas Guy (Family Guy)

Brian came back to life and just around the time I was starting to like Vinny. To be honest, Brian's death was never going to stick because let's face it, both him and Stewie are the highlight of the series and having them reunited made for a nice festive treat.

10: Tis The Cleveland To Be Sorry (The Cleveland Show)

Another entry from Stoolbend, it's also one where Kendra dressed up as Santa to save the day (and had some nice bonding scenes with her and Roberta) while Cleveland pretends to be homeless in order to eat some nice food.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

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