Tuesday, December 09, 2014

My Review of Revenge's 4x10: "Atonement"

Written by Ted Sullivan
Directed by John Terlesky

Emily: “I want you to know that it wasn’t all a lie. Not with you.”
Daniel: “I know.”

Okay, Daniel’s death may have been coming for a long time but bloody hell, that was an incredible episode. Why did it take until now for the writers to give us something this great this season?

After spending three and a half seasons alternating between being something of a right bastard and wanting to be a decent man, it seemed that the latter won out and Daniel’s demise was on the horizon, courtesy of a trigger happy Kate of course. I liked that his final scene was with Emily and I also liked that he managed to make amends of sorts with Margaux as well.

I even liked the flashbacks to 2008 with Daniel and Conrad (how the latter really is missed on this show) as well. I’m not surprised that Conrad manipulated Daniel out of doing the right thing back then but I did like that Daniel took responsibility for his actions in the present day, including the fact that he shot Emily this time a year ago as well. Now that was the Daniel I kind of liked back in early seasons.

As for the death in question – Daniel just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time as Kate and Emily were duking it out with each other. Having Daniel save Emily from a shooting prior to getting shot himself seemed ironic though. As for Kate, well she didn’t get time to gloat because Jack shot her moments later for good measure.

It’s kind of a shame though that we lost Kate in this episode because she finally became interesting to watch. I liked her and Victoria trying to get information out of each other and the whole fight/shoot out scene with her and Emily was also brilliant as well. Kate made for a potentially decent adversary and having her revealed as Malcolm’s daughter was a pleasant enough twist.

Keeping with decent twists, David finally did something interesting this season. While he might have failed in his murder attempt with Victoria (belladonna in the wine – an appropriate twist), the fact that he now wants to kill her suddenly improved him a little as a character. However with Victoria admitting her part in his original downfall and Daniel being dead, I think David might lay off any further murder attempts for the time being though.

Last but not least and to add some levity to the episode – Nolan and Louise. I don’t know if it’s the start of a potential hook up or just a really amusing friendship but those wonder twins were fun to watch this week. I really hope that by having Nolan offer Louise a way to get back at her politician brother it means that she doesn’t become psycho with him. Is that too much to ask for?

Also in “Atonement”

Relegating Ben to one simple scene meant he was less annoying than before.

Daniel: “Why is my future more important than hers?”
Conrad: “I once asked myself the very same thing.”

Louise and Nolan got their own shipper name – Lolan and took some selfies too for good measure.

Kate: “What is it you want?”
Victoria: “Just for David and I to have the relationship we were denied years ago.”

Nolan: “When does anything ever go right for the host of a Hamptons party with you on the guest list?”
Emily: “I heard that.”

Victoria’s conversation about the difference with Conrad and Daniel to Margaux was nice. I was surprised that Kara was later mentioned in the episode.

Louise: “How I enjoy toying with the weaker sex.”
Nolan: “That includes me too.”

Daniel (to Victoria): “I’m done running. I hope you are too.”

Standout music: Jessie J/Arianne Grande/Nicki Minaj’s “Bang Bang”

Emily: “I’m guessing only question is, when were you planning to kill me?”
Kate: “”Well, I was planning on after we got your money but plans change.”

Chronology: From where “Intel” left off.

Brilliant episode. “Atonement” definitely is the standout of the season and I’m hoping a sign of a much meatier and gripping second half too. Oh and quite an exit for Daniel too. I think I’m gonna miss him now.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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