Friday, December 12, 2014

Recap/Review: How To Get Away With Murder's 1x08: He Has A Wife

Well, this was certainly a great lead into what looks like it will be a brilliant mid season finale as more secrets spill out.

Written by Doug Stockstill
Directed by Debbie Allen

The Other Woman: For someone whose death has been such a huge focus in the first eight episodes, I'm actually surprised it took this long (ish) to get some flashbacks on Lila and this week, they were definitely her moments. Most of which saw Lila gushing about the start of her relationship with Sam to Rebecca, wanting to dump Griffin (who still has had no character development at all), getting dumped by Sam while trying to tell Annalise about her pregnancy, only for Bonnie to intervene. I did feel a tad sorry for Lila, but mostly she came across as a rather vacuous person who knew full well that she was getting herself into a problematic situation with Sam. Rebecca came across as far more likeable by comparison.

He Is Not A Good Man: Um, yeah, thanks for that obvious soundbite there, Bonnie. Poor girl, she really did go through the crapper this week. Fudging up elements of the case had Annalise refer to her as mousy in a way that I actually wanted Bonnie to slap her for it while the last moments where she confessed to covering for Sam and getting kissed by him, only got her fired. I've been lukewarm to Bonnie at times but I actually felt bad for her this week and it was nice that out of everyone, Asher showed her the most kindness. Also, good foreshadowing for you know what with them too.

Study Group: Ah, Connor. You might have a way with the men but it seems that nobody wants to study with you. Except when you bagged copies of the previous years exams and then they can't get enough of you, including Michaela to a point. Of course, no studying actually happened in this episode because Michaela was too busy stealing the trophy off Asher, Laurel got pissed that Frank had a girlfriend and Wes was also similarly pissed off that Rebecca and Nate are working together to bring down Sam. On the plus side, all this cool stuff went towards setting up the next episode, so yay on that score.

Monster In Law: While I hated (and weirdly found it also amusing) that Michaela stole the trophy off Asher, even if she did crack the case of the week, I actually felt bad for her when she met up with Aiden's mother. The same mother  who drove the point of getting Michaela to sign the prenup (which Michaela refused to) and also made allusion to Michaela coming from a poor background. Aiden's mother came across as a right dragon and while I don't think Michaela is a gold digger, I can see why she's refusing to sign the thing as well.

Love The Nanny: Well, for the case of the week it was revealed that both Gretchen's husband and son were having it off with the nanny and it was only due to Michaela's previously unheard of medical background that we found out they both had the same STD as well to boot. Funnily enough, Gretchen didn't seem all that pleased that her husband was revealed as a cheat and a killer in one fell swoop. It still managed to motivate Annalise though to take some direct action against Sam. Doesn't make up for her nastiness towards Connor and Bonnie in this episode though.

Mid-season finale time next and we finally find out who bumped off Sam.

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ihRtmr said...

I agree with your comments about Bonnie. Actually, I paid very little attention to her up until this episode. She wasn't exactly likable early on. But things turn in this ep. You feel for her, you see that she is more that a robotic entity (previously coming off like Star Treks 7 of 9), here she shows true emotion and quite a bit of loyalty. Her personality also shines through when with Asher. There is also a new humanity to her that she keeps so guarded in earlier eps.