Friday, December 05, 2014

Recap/Review: How To Get Away With Murder's 1x07: He Deserved To Die

And now it's time for a certain unruly character to get focus in an episode that didn't change my opinion on him.

Written by Warren Hsu Leonard
Directed by Eric Stoltz

We're Not Screwing: As soon as Rebecca said that to both Laurel and Michaela (when she wasn't having fun rattling their cages) about herself and Wes, guess what happened? Yeah, they did the deed and Wes offered a few tiny drops of information about himself as the flash forwards showed him cleaning up Rebecca in the motel and telling her not to answer to anyone except him while she talked about Sam deserving to die. In the present day, she was sabotaging her own case after a gag order had been in place when Nate wasn't trying to get her on side to take down Sam. Nate's belief in Sam being Lila's killer is starting to make me think that he also be privy to something we don't already know. As for Rebecca, like I said above, this episode didn't change my mind on her or whatever relationship the writers are aiming for with and Wes.

Voodoo Penis: Connor might have difficulty remembering the name of some of the guys he's shagged through HumpR but he's certainly left an impression on one of them. Although hot blond lawyer Julian had a boyfriend, he was more than happy to remind Connor of their previous hookup with a repeat performance in the bathroom while Asher seemed envious of his fellow Keating Five member's prowess with men this week. Actually this was a pretty good episode for Connor - first with the scene with Julian and then later in the episode with his drunken moping over Oliver at a bar and then failed attempt of wooing the techie back. It seems that Connor isn't the only hot guy that Oliver has pulled in recent times.

Prenups & Job Offers: While Asher didn't have much to do (aside from getting information from a secretary) and Wes was on White Knight duty with Rebecca, there was a bit more focus with both Laurel and Michaela in this episode. The former was tempted by a job offer from her boyfriend while unwisely resuming her thing with Frank while the latter seemed affronted that Aiden's family (are we going to see him again?) wanted her to sign a prenup. I think seeing Rebecca blab their secrets and needle them on it was probably what made these plots a bit more interesting than they would've been bit without her somewhat bitchy commentary on them.

Pregnant: Much as I love the cliffhangers on this show, was anyone remotely shocked when Bonnie revealed that the second autopsy learned that Lila was six weeks pregnant? While it was a good moment to end the episode on, it just didn't come across as that shocking really. In fact, it seemed to make sense on the count of Sam trying to smooth things over with Annalise and wanting to help prevent a second autopsy on Lila in the first place, it just seemed like the sort of twist that was expected. It's enough to make it look like Sam had a greater motive to murder Lila though. Or Griffin. Or Rebecca. Or even someone else altogether.

Keating Vs. Parks: The case of the week was actually about Rebecca and Griffin and whether or not a second autopsy could be done on Lila, along with the gag order stuff. While we saw both Rebecca and Griffin doing more to make themselves look guilty, the rivalry between Annalise and Wendy is an interesting one, especially as we had one moment where Wendy looked like she was going to help Annalise, only for her to change her mind and help herself again. It's an interesting enough rivalry and it's nice to have a character that Annalise can play off as well.

Next week, flashbacks into Rebecca's friendship with Lila as we get closer to solving the murder of Sam.

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