Thursday, December 11, 2014

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Freak Show - Tupperware Party Massacre

Or is it The Fat Lady Sings? Originally it was meant to be that title. And being dead doesn't mean that you still can't be seen on this show as this episode demonstrated.

Written by Brad Falchuk
Directed by Loni Peristere

Less God, More Whackjob: We've seen that Dandy is clearly a boy with some serious delusions and in this episode, both Maggie and an easily bought detective prove that he's going to become even more delusional and dangerous for the remainder of this season. Regina's attempts of getting justice for her mother got her a bullet into the head and Jimmy (who was pretty unbearable in this episode, save for his last two scenes) ended up getting arrested for Dandy's murder spree as well, because that's how you end an episode of this show.

Puppet Time: Keeping with dandy for a moment because he really did manage to become even more disturbing than before. When he wasn't rabbiting on about being a privilege male who can buy his way out of serious crime or bathing in blood, he was creating his own Bette and Dot puppet with both Gloria and the head of an unfortunate Avon lady. Not to mention the fact that he went and massacred a tupperware party, which he later made that Jimmy got the blame for as well. Much as I'm enjoying Wittrock's portrayal of the character, someone needs to pose a proper threat to Dandy and soon before he bumps off the remaining cast.

The Right Thing: With Sarah Paulson's absence from the previous episode, this one felt like it was trying to more than make up for it. While Paulson has been given better material in the previous two seasons, I love how this episode went from Dot desperately wanting to be seperated from Bette to realising that they were better together. Now if the two ladies can kill off both Elsa (who thankfully had little to do here) and Stanley in a gruesome manner, that would be super. Also the scene where both of them laid themselves bare to Jimmy, only for him to reject because he's in love with Maggie (I assume) was a little heartbreaking too.

Failed Attempt: I don't want to sound heartless and maybe compared to Stanley, perhaps Dell is the lesser of two evils (that's some maybe) but this episode's attempts of trying to garner sympathy for him didn't work with me. I don't care that he was haunted by visions of Ma Petite and Ethel (as was Jimmy with the latter in a more affecting scene) and I don't care that he tried to kill himself, even though it was Desiree who saved him. Dell's been too horrible as a character to truly sympathise with and that's a shame.

Group Stuff: Let's see - Elsa was mostly scheming with Stanley and trying to curry favour with Bette and Dot by promising the latter her freedom, Maggie and Desiree seemed to be rather chummy with each other (which was nice and the latter also seems to have attracted an admirer) while Jimmy was mostly being gross with his behaviour towards Barbara throughout the episode as well. Then again, this was also yet another episode where we didn't actually see a performance either.

Next week, Jimmy's stuck in prison and Desiree realises that Maggie and Stanley might be responsible for recent freak deaths.

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