Saturday, December 20, 2014

Glee - Season 6 First Look

I've waited a while to talk about this but with literally three weeks to go, FOX seem to be ramping up the promotion for Glee's sixth and final season.

The thirteen episode final season, starting with a double bill (and also ending the series with one) and a new Friday night timeslot in January will see the return of McKinley High and more importantly, both Kurt and Rachel bringing back the Glee club after Sue bans the arts from the school. The trailer certainly hinted at some old nostalgia (slushies included) and over the course of the last season, it seems that Kurt and Rachel will be aided by Mercedes, Santana and Puck to name three of the former characters returning.

It's also been reported on various sites that Kurt and Blaine are no longer together but this clearly doesn't last as a double wedding will air towards the end of the season for both them and Santana and Brittany. The season's first two episodes, Loser Like Me and Homecoming will get the ball in motion and after a pretty dire fifth season, I'm hoping this reduced run of episodes will lead to tighter plotting and a satisfying conclusion for the show. Oh and the first episode has Rachel singing Let It Go from Frozen to boot. And there's also that Blaine/Karofsy storyline as well, isn't there?

Season 6 Press Releases/Trailers/Cast Pictures:

Season 6 of Glee will air Fridays at 8pm from January 9th on FOX. Sky1 have yet to confirm when they will air the final season for UK viewers.

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