Monday, January 19, 2015

Away From The Beach

It's the middle of January and while some shows have yet to return from hiatus, there are a few that are back and covered briefly here.

Broadchurch: The most hyped about drama from ITV that isn't Downton Abbey is back for it's second run of episodes and I have to admit, it's been a mixed bag so far. I think Chibnall's decision to add more twists into the Latimer case wasn't a wise decision and it feels like it's now become an overextended story. It's a shame because there's already another mystery with Claire and Lee Ashworth that should be taking precedent and coming up with new ways to keep Danny's death a focal point of the show probably isn't the wisest of ideas. On the other hand, the new characters are all interesting and the rapport between Tennant and Colman is impeccable.

Girls: TV's most polarising actress is back on television with the fourth season of her hit show. Okay, I'll keep the Lena Dunham stuff to a minimum because while I find the whole 'voice of a generation' accolade awarded to this show completely undeserved, I will admit that this opening episode wasn't actually all that bad really. Being in Iowa has managed to make Hannah a little less annoying and I don't remember the likes of Jessa, Marnie or Shoshanna saying or doing anything too objectionable either. Maybe I'm softening towards this show.

Glee: Season Six may be the last season but it's nice that some life has been breathed into the show after the rather stagnant previous season. This episode, using music from both Alanis Morrissette and Carole King was pretty inspired and also rather a good one for Brittana fans and fans of Santana's acid tongue as well (even if Kurt was the recipient of it). The newbies are still settling in well enough but on the negative side - this episode had way too much Becky for my liking, it was hard to care about Blaine and Karofsky as a couple (which I get is intentional but even still) and the Beiste storyline while beautifully acted by Dot Marie Jones really could've done with some foreshadowing I think.

Mrs Browns Boys: I really enjoyed the Christmas special but the New Year's one was so much better. The plot with the alarm system courtesy of Buster was pretty hilarious and totally obvious from the start as was the outcome of the poker between Agnes and Hilary but Cathy's subplot proved yet again that the show can produce some rather solid bits of character drama as well. With the show guaranteed specials until 2020 by the BBC, I really do hope another full series is in it's future too.

Scandal: Good on SkyLiving for getting their act together and airing this as quickly as possible. The first two episodes of this political drama's fourth season have been superb to watch. I'll never be that fussed as to whether or not Olivia ends up with Fitz or Jake but I do like the exploration of Fitz and Mellie's grief for their son, the gang burying Harrison, Eli being his usual scheming self, the cases of the week and the arrival of Portia DeRossi's Lizzie Bear who wants to take down Cyrus if the ending for the second episode was anything to go by. Great start to the season.

- Gotham has been renewed for a second season. Rob Gorrie will also appear in episode 16 playing John Grayson while episode 14 will introduce the Scarecrow.
- CW shows Arrow, The Flash, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Supernatural to name a few have all been renewed for further seasons.
- A reinvention for American Horror Story's fifth season has been promised by creator Ryan Murphy.
- American Crime Story: The People V. OJ Simpson will premiere in 2016.
- Rumours are circulating that either The X Files or Prison Break could be revived by FOX.
- Zachary Levi has bagged a leading role in the upcoming Heroes: Reborn.
- Richard Armitage will play Francis Dolarhyde in the latter half of Hannibal's third season. Expect a time jump in the series as NBC will air it during the summer months.
- In The Flesh has been cancelled by BBC3. Wizards Vs. Aliens future is also uncertain at the moment.
- Sheryl Lee, Dana Ashbrook and Sherilyn Fenn are returning for Twin Peaks.
- NBC have ordered a pilot from Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta called The Curse of the Fuentes Women.

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