Thursday, January 15, 2015

Recap/Review: American Horror Story: Freak Show - Show Stoppers

And that's how you do a penultimate episode but then again, the show usually tends to have them down and this was another excellent one to boot.

Written by Jessica Sharzer
Directed by Loni Peristere

A Well Deserved Comeuppance: All season long I've wanted Stanley to pay for his crimes in as grisly a manner as possible and this episode actually didn't let me down. Okay, he didn't die but given what Elsa and her band of freaks subjected him to, I bet he wish they had killed him off. Oh, a request for the fifth season - if Denis O'Hare does return, any chance he can play a character who's interesting enough without being a deplorable creep. Just this once, please?

She Had It Coming: Well, yes and no, I think. Maggie deserved some kind of consequence for her helping Stanley but I'm not sure being sawn in half by a crazed Chester was the way to do things though. It did seem like prior to her death, Maggie was sincere in her attempts to make amends with the gang and had she lived, just maybe them and Jimmy would've forgiven her. On the other hand, this episode ended Chester's ownership of the freak show as he turned himself in - for Marjorie's 'death' rather than Maggie. It's a shame but here's hoping the show gets Neil Patrick Harris next season for a bigger role though.

Lemonade In A Paper Cup: Look at that - two episodes in a row where Dandy didn't murder someone but he did however manage to become owner of the freak show due to a desperate Elsa having to scarper from the joint. The idea of Dandy owning the freaks (as well as his continued obsession with Bette and Dot) can't end well, especially if the preview for the finale is anything to go by. His reaction upon seeing what happened to Stanley was amusing but it should serve as a warning too. Perhaps owning Desiree and company will become his literal undoing. I can only hope so.

One Of Us: This was arguably the best episode for the freaks this week. They banded together to give Stanley the most fitting of punishments and upon realising that Elsa actually did murder Ethel, they decided to take her out too. If only Bette and Dot hadn't given Elsa the heads up, they probably would've succeeded as well but hey, they can always band together and annihilate Dandy when the latter makes his psychotic tendencies known to them. For their own sake, they're going to have to.

Thank You: Another episode where Jimmy spent most of it moping and endlessly feeling sorry for himself, though on the plus side, Elsa introduced him to Massimo - the guy who gave her wooden legs and the same guy who also Jimmy some new hands at the end of this episode (all the better to take out Dandy with, yes?). Also during this episode we got to see Ethel in one of Jimmy's flashbacks and another link to Asylum as it turned out that Massimo had a history with a certain character as well.

Next week it's the finale and it looks like another bloodbath is in store.

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Anonymous said...

"and this episode actually didn't let me know"

I think you mean it didn't let you down. Although it didn't let us know what happened to him until the end.