Saturday, January 24, 2015

Supergirl - Melissa Benoist Cast In Titular Role

We've waited a few weeks and have speculated and now we have our Supergirl ....

Melissa Benoist, best known for her role as Marley Rose in the fourth and fifth seasons of Glee and recently as Nicole in the hit movie, Whiplash has bagged the role for the upcoming CBS superhero drama. Benoist will take on the dual role of Kara Zor-el/Linda Danvers/Supergirl in the series. The official synopsis for the show reads like this ...

The show is believed to pick up with Kara in her mid-twenties, living a non-heroic life and lacking in confidence. Naturally, something bad happens, she uses her powers to save people and begins a journey to becoming a true hero, eventually.

Other casting for the series has yet to be confirmed but while I wasn't a big fan of Benoist's character on Glee (didn't love her, didn't hate her, just fairly found Marley a bit meh), I do find her casting for the show rather intriguing and it'll be interesting to see who else will be involved in the show.

It's also interesting that Glee has seemingly become a breeding ground for superheroes. After all, Grant Gustin is currently playing the role of Barry Allen in The Flash and Supergirl is being made by the same producers of that show and parent series, Arrow. In terms of crossovers, it looks like we won't be getting any in the near future but here's hoping this series can truly soar though.

Press Release:

Supergirl begins filming in the Spring for an autumn 2015 launch for CBS.

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